Minor in Economics

Students concentrating in other fields in the College of Arts & Sciences may minor in Economics.

Students are required to complete the following courses with grades of C or higher:

  • EC 101 Introductory Microeconomic Analysis
  • EC 102 Introductory Macroeconomic Analysis
  • EC 201 Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis
  • EC 202 Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis
  • and 3 other courses in CAS EC from: CAS EC 203 or 303, EC 204 or 304, and courses from EC 320 to 599. Students may not count EC 203 as one of their 3 economics electives if they also take SM 221 (or QM 221) or MA 214.

Forms for declaring an Economics minor are available at 100 Bay State Road, Room 401.