Robert G. King: Teaching


These classes are suitable for advanced undergraduates and students in the BA-MA or MA programs. PhD students may audit the classes with instructor permission.

Class materials are restricted use: the student must supply a BU Kerboros ID and password

Current Courses:

  • Fall 2014: EC541, Monetary Theory and Policy
  • Fall 2014: EC702B, Macroeconomic Theory
  • Spring 2015: EC742, Advanced Macroeconomics
  • Sprint 2016: EC542, Money and Financial Intermediation

Previous Classes:

  • Fall 2012, 2013: EC541, Monetary Theory and Policy
  • Fall 2012, 2013: EC702B
  • Spring 2013, 2014: EC742a
  • Spring 2012: EC 542, Money and Financial Intermediation
  • Spring 2011: EC 542, Money and Financial Intermediation

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