Department Working Papers

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01 “Rational Inattention to Discrete Choices: A New Foundation for the Multinomial Logit Model”
Filip Matejka, Alisdair McKay, January 2013
02 “Random Coefficients in Static Games of Complete Information”
Fabian Dunker, Stefan Hoderlein, Hiroaki Kaido, March 2013
03 “Optimal Allocation with Costly Verification”
Elchanan Ben-Porath, Eddie Dekel, Barton L. Lipman, March 2013
04 “A Price Theory of Vertical and Lateral Integration”
Andrew F. Newman, Patrick Legros, March 2013
05 “Modified Local Whittle Estimator for Long memory Processes in the Presence of Low Frequency (and Other) Contaminations”
Jie Hou, Pierre Perron, March 2013
06 “Robust Testing of Time Trend and Mean with Unknown Integration Order Errors”
Jiawen Xu, Pierre Perron, March 2013
07 “The role of automatic stabilizers in the U.S. business cycle”
Alisdair McKay, Ricardo Reis, April 2013
08 “A Duality Approach to Continuous-Time Contracting Problems with Limited Commitment”
Jianjun Miao, Yuzhe Zhang, April 2013
09 “Robust Contracts in Continuous Time”
Jianjun Miao, Alejandro Rivera, April 2013
10 “Inference Related to Locally Ordered and Common Breaks in a Multivariate System with Joint Segmented Trends”
Ye Li, Pierre Perron, April 2013
11 “Competition, Gatekeeping, and Health Care Access”
Geir Godager, Tor Iversen, Ching-to Albert Ma, May 2013
12 “On the Usefulness or Lack Thereof of Optimality Criteria for Structural Change Tests”
Pierre Perron, Yohei Yamamoto, June 2013
13 “Idiosyncratic risk, insurance, and aggregate consumption dynamics: a likelihood perspective”
Alisdair McKay, July 2013
14 “Smithian Growth through Creative Organization”
Andrew F. Newman, Patrick Legros, Eugenio Proto, July 2013
15 “Detection and Attribution of Climate Change Through Econometric Methods”
Francisco Estrada, Pierre Perron, August 2013
16 “Single-Equation Tests for Cointegration with GLS Detrended Data”
Pierre Perron, Gabriel Rodriguez, September 2013
17 “Statistically-derived Contributions of Diverse Human Influences to 20th Century Temperature Changes”
Francisco Estrada, Pierre Perron, Benjamin Martinez-López, September 2013
18 “Information Disclosure and the Equivalence of Prospective Payment and Cost Reimbursement”
Ching-to Albert Ma, Henry Y. Mak, November 2013
19 “Three Types of Robust Ramsey Problem in a Linear-Quadratic Framework”
Jianjun Miao, Hyosung Kwon, November 2013
20 “Inference on a Structural Break in Trend with Fractionally Integrated Errors”
Seongyeon Chang, Pierre Perron, November 2013
21 “Forecasting Return Volatility: Level Shifts with Varying Jump Probability and Mean Reversion”
Jiawen Xu, Pierre Perron, November 2013
22 “Asymptotically Efficient Estimation of Weighted Average Derivatives with an Interval Censored Variable”
Hiroaki Kaido, December 2013
23 “A Comparison of Alternative Methods to Construct Confidence Intervals for the Estimate of a Break Date in Linear Regression Models”
Seongyeon Chang, Pierre Perron, December 2013
24 “Bending the Cost Curve? Results from a Comprehensive Primary Care Payment Pilot”
Sonal Vats, Arlene S. Ash, Randall P. Ellis, July 2013
25 “Risk Selection, Risk Adjustment and Choice: Concepts and Lessons from the Americas”
Randall P. Ellis, Juan Gabriel Fernandez, October 2013
26 “K-Fold Cross-Validation is Superior to Split Sample Validation for Risk Adjustment Models”
Randall P. Ellis, Pooja G. Mookim, June 2013


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