Institute for Economic Development (IED)

The IED represents an umbrella organization for the many faculty members, students, and visiting scholars in the department with an active interest in the economic transformation of developing countries.

Industry Studies Program (ISP)

The ISP in the Department of Economics is devoted to studying the economic organization of industries, firms, and markets. The principal goal of the program is to foster high-quality academic research on this topic. ISP is an umbrella organization for faculty, visiting scholars, and students with an interest in industrial organization and related topics.

This program also has a strong interest in health economics, with many grants running through the ISP being supported by federal and other health agencies. For the past eight years, ISP has been cosponsoring the biennial Industrial Organization of Health Care conferences. The ISP also disseminates a discussion paper series and helps with the organization of a weekly microeconomic seminar.

African Studies Center

Directed by Associate Professor of Political Science Timothy Longman, the African Studies Center carries on research and training programs with scholars and practitioners from a range of disciplines: economics, political science, anthropology, and history. The center, which has been designated a National Resource Center for African Language and Area Studies under Title IV of the Higher Education Act, coordinates teaching of African languages and area studies. It has an outreach program that provides information to schools, museums, other institutions, and the general public. It publishes the International Journal of African Historical Studies, and offers seminars open to all interested parties.

Economics faculty associated with the center include Randall Ellis and Robert E. B. Lucas.