PhD Candidates 2019

Boston University Department of Economics

Placement Officer: Professor Stefania Garetto,, (617)358-5887
PhD Program Administrator: Andrew Campolieto,, (617) 353-4454

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So Hyun An

Fields: Industrial Organization, Applied Econometrics
Job Market Paper: The effect of in-store displays on concentration and pricing
C.V. | Website |
References: Marc Rysman, Jordi Jaumandreu, Jihye Jeon

Jesse Bruhn

Fields: Labor Economics, Applied Econometrics
Job Market Paper: The Consequences of Sorting for Understanding School Quality
C.V. | Website |
References: Kevin Lang, Daniele Paserman, Ray Fisman

Juan Carvajal

Fields: Political Economy, Labor Economics, Applied Microeconomics
Job Market Paper: Gender Quotas in Spanish Elections
C.V. | Website |
References: Johannes Schmieder, Daniele Paserman, Ray Fisman

Alessandro Casini

Fields: Econometrics, Time Series Econometrics, Financial Econometrics
Job Market Paper: Theory of evolutionary spectra for heteroskesdasticity and autocorrelation robust inference in possibly misspecified and nonstationary models
C.V. | Website |
                    References: Pierre Perron, Zhongjun Qu, Hiroaki Kaido

Vince Chen

Fields: Macroeconomics, International Economics and Public Finance
Job Market Paper: Fiscal Multipliers and Regional Reallocation
C.V. | Website |
References: Robert King, Adam Guren, Marianne Baxter

Mesay Gebresilasse

Fields: Development Economics, Applied Microeconomics
Job Market Paper: Rural Roads, Agricultural Extension, and Productivity
C.V. | Website |
References: Samuel Bazzi, Dilip Mookherjee, Martin Fiszbein

Yeonha Jung

Fields: Development Economics, Economic History
Job Market Paper: The Long Reach of Cotton in the U.S. South: Tenant Farming, Mechanization and Low-Skill Manufacturing
C.V. | Website |
References: Martin Fiszbein, Robert Margo, James Feigenbaum, Samuel Bazzi

Sanghoon Kim

Fields: Industrial Organization, Microeconomic Theory
Job Market Paper: An Informed Agent’s Advice: Theory and Evidence
C.V. | Website |
References: Albert Ma, Marc Rysman, Jihye Jeon

Yi-Hsuan Lin

Fields: Decision Theory, Microeconomic Theory
Job Market Paper: Stochastic Choice and Rational Inattention
C.V. | Website |
References: Larry Epstein, Barton Lipman, Jawwad Noor

Junwen Lu

Fields: Financial Econometrics, Time Series Econometrics, Finance
Job Market Paper: Sieve Estimation of Option Implied State Price Density
C.V. | Website |
References: Zhongjun Qu, Pierre Perron, Hiroaki Kaido

Siyi Luo

Fields: Econometrics, Applied Econometrics, Labor Economics
Job Market Paper: Quantile Effects in a Sample Selection Model for Network and Panel Data
C.V. | Website |
References: Ivan Fernandez-Val, Hiroaki Kaido, Randall Ellis

Bruno Martins

Fields: Health Economics, Industrial Organization
Job Market Paper: Vertical Integration in Medicare Part D
C.V. | Website |
References: Randall Ellis, Marc Rysman, Francesco Decarolis, Keith Ericson

Phillip Ross

Fields: Development Economics, Labor Economics, Economics of Education
Job Market Paper: Ancestral Roots of Locus of Control
C.V. | Website |
References: Samuel Bazzi, Daniele Paserman, Kehinde Ajayi

Arthur Smith

Fields: International Trade, Macroeconomics
Job Market Paper: Trade and Inequality: Educational and Occupational Choice Matter
C.V. | Website |
References: Stefania Garetto, Stephen Terry, Pascual Restrepo

Hui Ren Tan

Fields: Economic History, Labor Economics
Job Market Paper: A Different Land of Opportunity: The Geography of Intergenerational Mobility in the Early 20th-Century U.S.
C.V. | Website |
References: Robert Margo, Kevin Lang, Daniele Paserman, James Feigenbaum

Zsolt Udvari

Fields: Microeconomic Theory, Organization Economics
Job Market Paper: When Transaction Costs Restore Efficiency: Coalition Formation with Costly Binding Agreements
C.V. | Website |
References: Andrew Newman, Patrick Legros, Juan Ortner