PhD Candidates 2020

Boston University Department of Economics

Placement Officer: Professor Stefania Garetto,, (617) 358-5887
PhD Program Administrator: Mirtha Cabello,, (617) 353-4454

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Calvin Ackley

Calvin AckleyFields: Health Economics, Industrial Organization
Job Market Paper: Equilibrium Effects of Tiered Cost Sharing in the Market for Medical Care
C.V. | Website |
References: Randall Ellis, Tal Gross, Marc Rysman

Fatima Aqeel

Fatima AqeelFields: Development Economics, Labor Economics
Job Market Paper: Educational Investment and Marriage Success: Evidence from Pakistan
C.V. | Website |
References: Samuel Bazzi, Dilip Mookherjee, Daniele Paserman

Seth Benzell

Seth BenzellFields: Economics of Digitization, Public Economics
Job Market Paper: Multi-Sided Platform Strategy, Taxation, and Regulation: A Quantitative Model and Application to Facebook
C.V. | Website |
References: Laurence Kotlikoff, Erik Brynjolfsson, Marshall Van Allstyne,                        Pascual Restrepo

Chelsea Carter

Chelsea CarterFields: Urban and Regional Economics, Economic History, Empirical Microeconomics
Job Market Paper: Forts and the Frontier: The US Army and the Spatial Distribution of Population
C.V. | Website |
                       References: Robert Margo, James Feigenbaum, Megan MacGarvie

Jacob Fabina

Jacob FabinaFields: Labor Economics, Macroeconomics
Job Market Paper: The Effect of Federal Oversight on For-Profit Colleges
C.V. | Website |
References: Adam Guren, Daniele Paserman, Simon Gilchrist

Xiangyu Feng

Xiangyu FengFields: Macroeconomics, Finance, Applied Microeconomics
Job Market Paper: Growth in China: the Role of Capital Upgrading
C.V. | Website |
References: Stephen Terry, Pascual Restrepo, Robert King

Thea How Choon

Thea How ChoonFields: Microeconomic Theory, Political Economy
Job Market Paper: Biased Campaign Advice: Cheap Talk and Bayesian Persuasion
C.V. | Website |
References: Dilip Mookherjee, Bart Lipman, Juan Ortner

Yeseul Hyun

Yeseul HyunFields: Labor Economics, Development Economics
Job Market Paper: Does Intrafamily Time Allocation Respond to Economic Shocks? The Role of Gender Norms
C.V. | Website |
References: Daniele Paserman, Samuel Bazzi, Johannes Schmieder

Gedeon Lim

Gedeon LimFields: Development Economics, Political Economy, Economic History
Job Market Paper: Why Pay the Chief? Political Selection & Economic Development in Indonesia
C.V. | Website |
References: Samuel Bazzi, Dilip Mookherjee, Robert Margo

Giovanna Marcolongo

Giovanna MarcolongoFields: Political Economy, Development Economics
Job Market Paper: Organized Crime, Earthquakes and Local Public Procurement: Evidence from Italy
C.V. | Website |
References: Dilip Mookherjee, Ray Fisman, Pascual Restrepo

Julian Richers

Julian RichersFields: Macro Finance, Asset Pricing, Macroeconomics
Job Market Paper: UIP Violations and the Cost of Capital: Firm-level Evidence
C.V. | Website |
References: Tarek Hassan, Simon Gilchrist, Stephen Terry, Andrea Vedolin

Gianluca Russo

Gianluca RussoFields: Political Economy, Economic History, Development Economics
Job Market Paper: Mass Media and Cultural Homogenization: Broadcasting the American Dream on the Radio
C.V. | Website |
References: Robert Margo, James Feigenbaum, Daniele Paserman, Martin Fiszbein

Chenlu Song

Chenlu SongFields: Health Economics, Applied Microeconomics
Job Market Paper: What Saves More: Coinsurance or Copayment?
C.V. | Website |
References: Randall Ellis, Ching-to Albert Ma, Robert Margo

Wendy Xu

Wendy XuFields: Applied Microeconomic Theory, Behavioral Economics, Organizational Economics
Job Market Paper: Optimal Screening of Multi-Period Discrete Choice
C.V. | Website |
References: Chiara Margaria, Ching-to Albert Ma, Jawwad Noor

Manni Yu

Manni YuFields: Macroeconomics, Public Finance
Job Market Paper: The Rich Save More: Evidence from the Health and Retirement Study
C.V. | Website |
References: Laurence Kotlikoff, Adam Guren, Pascual Restrepo