PhD Candidates 2017

Boston University Department of Economics

Placement Officer (all fields): Professor Randall P. Ellis,, (617) 353-2741
Macro Placement Officer: Professor Simon Gilchrist,, (617) 353-6824
PhD Program Administrator: Andrew Campolieto,, (617) 353-4454

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Costas Cavounidis

Altinoglu_photoFields: Microeconomics, Theory, Labor Economics
Job Market Paper: When Does Information Determine Market Size? Search and Rational Inattention
C.V. |
References: Kevin Lang, Sambuddha Ghosh, Bart Lipman, Juan Ortner

Jonathan Hersh

Fields: Development, International, Applied Econometrics, Machine Learning
Job Market Paper: Poverty from Space: Using High Resolution Satellite Imagery for Economic Well-being and Geographic Targeting
C.V. |
References: Marianne Baxter, Sam Bazzi, Ray Fisman, John Byers

Yue Jiang

Altinoglu_photoFields: Macroeconomics, Finance, Financial Economics
Job Market Paper: Fire Sales and Endogenous Volatility
C.V. |
References: Christophe Chamley, Jianjun Miao, Dirk Hackbarth

Matthew Klepacz

Altinoglu_photoFields: Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics, Applied Econometrics, Computational Economics
Job Market Paper: Price Setting and Volatility: Evidence from Oil Price Volatility Shocks
C.V. |
References: Simon Gilchrist, Adam Guren, Stephen Terry, Raphael Schoenle

Michael Lipsitz

Altinoglu_photoFields: Labor Economics, Organizational Economics, Health Economics
Job Market Paper: Cutting Out the Competition: The Effect of Labor Market Conditions on Noncompete Agreements
C.V. |
References: Andrew Newman, Kevin Lang, Juan Ortner

Calvin Luscombe

Altinoglu_photoFields: Industrial Organization, Health Economics, Applied Microeconomics
Job Market Paper: Marijuana Access and the Demand for Opioids in Medicare Part D
C.V. |
References: Randall Ellis, Francesco Decarolis, Keith Ericson

Talal Rahim

Altinoglu_photoFields: Industrial Organization, Financial Economics, Applied Econometrics, Computational Economics
Job Market Paper: Can Peer-to-Peer Platforms Improve Market Outcomes by Controlling Market Prices?
 C.V. |
References: Marc Rysman, Berardino Palazzo, Hiroki Kaido

Svetoslav Semov

Altinoglu_photoFields: Financial Economics, Industrial Organization
Job Market Paper: Common Ownership, Competition and Firm Financial Policy
C.V. |
References: Stephen Terry, Evgeny Lyandres, Berardino Palazzo


Yuan Tian

Altinoglu_photoFields: Econometrics, Financial Econometrics, Development Economics
Job Market Paper: Expecting the Unexpected: Uniform Quantile Regression Bands with an Application to Investor Sentiments
C.V. |
References: Zhongjun Qu, Pierre Perron, Ivan Fernandez-Val

Peter Huaiyuan Wang

Altinoglu_photoFields: Macroeconomics, International Economics
Job Market Paper: Inequality Trends, Marginal Income Tax Progressivity Regimes and the Current Account
C.V. |
References: Christophe Chamley, Stephen Terry, Alisdair McKay

Wenjia Zhu

Altinoglu_photoFields: Health Economics, Microeconometrics, Development Economics
Job Market Paper: Breadth of Provider Networks and Health Care Costs: Evidence from the US Employer-Based Health Insurance Market
C.V. |
References: Randall Ellis, Thomas G. McGuire, Keith M. Ericson, Samuel Bazzi