Economics Department’s Message to Admitted MA Students

To our admitted MA Students: If you are admitted to any of the stand-alone Master’s Programs in Economics (MA, MAEP or MA GDE) and would like to delay your admission to Spring Semester 2021 for any reason related to the COVID-19 global pandemic, this deferral will be granted if received by August 1. Requests after that date will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

To do so, you must first accept the offer of admission via WebAdmit. Then please email the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences ( with subject line “Deferral to Spring” to request the deferral. All such requests will be granted if received by August 1. We hope but cannot guarantee that later requests will be granted as well.

Please note that we normally have admissions to our MA and MAEP programs in both Fall and Spring semester with no difference or compromise in the curriculum, program structure or program duration. The MA GDE program normally requires its students to start in the Fall semester, primarily due to the Capstone course in the third semester. Under the exceptional circumstances we face this year, we will find ways to accommodate GDE students who are compelled to start the program in Spring 2021.