The faculty and students in the Department of Economics acknowledge the generosity of our alumni and other donors with gratitude. Their gifts have made the department a better place to teach, to learn, and to conduct research. Of course, the department continues to have major capital and other needs. The establishment of endowed chairs and fellowships as well as comprehensive renovation of the building in which the department is housed remain pressing objectives. Donors wishing to learn more about these major unmet needs should contact Steve Kean at, Professor Laurence Kotlikoff at or Professor Kevin Lang at


How to Donate to the Economics Department Online

Visit the secure Boston University online donations web site. Please follow these instructions to make sure your gift is targeted toward helping fund teaching and research in the Department of Economics.

Your employer may also offer matching gifts. You should check for your employer in the database at before completing your donation. Typically the employer will provide a matching gift forms for you to complete and mail to the university.

1. Fill out the “Give Online” information form.
2. Choose gift amount.
3. In “Your Gift Designation” box (see image below):

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 1.36.15 PM

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 1.36.36 PM

4. Choose the drop-down item marked: “Other Fund (Write in next field)”
5. In the next field, enter: ” Department of Economics” and any specific fund designations within the department.

There are currently 3 funds in the department:

A. Rosenthal Endowment Fund

B. Economics Gift Fund – General Purpose

C. Economics Gift Fund – designated for Prizes for Academic Excellence in the Economics Master’s Program

Please also let us know if you have any other specific purpose/location to which you would like your gift to be allocated.

6. If you are donating to either part of the Economics Gift Fund, please list this under “Other Fund (Write in next field)” and write the more specific designation (either “general purpose” or “designated for prizes for the Economics Master’s program”) in the Comments/Questions field. Alternatively, you may also use this field to let us know of any other specific purpose to which you would like your gift to be allocated.



7. Fill in payment information and submit form


How to Donate to the Economics Department by Mail

Please follow the mail instructions located HERE. Please note on the memo part of your check that you would like to designated your gift to the Department of Economics.