Department Working Papers – 2007

Working Papers Listed by Author

Working Papers Listed by Year:

45) “Monetary Policy and Economic Growth under Money Illusion”
Jianjun Miao (, Danyang Xie. October 2007
44) “An Analytical Evaluation of the Long-periodogram Estimate in the Presence of Level Shifts”
Pierre Perron (, Zhongjun Qu, November 2007
43) “Does service-level spending show evidence of selection across health plan types?”
Shenyi Jiang, Randall P. Ellis (, Tzu-chun Kuo, September 2007
42) “Service Motives and Profit Incentives among Physicians”
Geir Godager,Tor Iversen, Ching-To Albert Ma (, September 2007
41) “Optimal Health Care Contracts under Physician Agency”
Philippe Chone, Ching-To Albert Ma (, September 2007
40) “The Nexus of Income and Size Distribution of Chinese Cities, 1984 – 2003″
Chun-Yu Ho (, Dan Li (, September 2007
39) “Investment-specific Technological Change and Labor Composition: Evidence from the U.S. Manufacturing”
Chun-Yu Ho (, September 2007
38) “A Journey for your Beautiful Mind: Economics Graduate Study and Research”
Ching-To Albert Ma (, August 2007
37) “Resuscitating The Businessman Risk: A Rationale For Familiarity-Based Portfolios”
Doriana Ruffino (, August 2006
36) “Run for Cover Now or Later? The impact of premiums, threats and deadlines on supplementary private health insurance in Australia”
Randall P. Ellis (, Elizabeth Savageb, July 2007
35) “Response: Activity-Based Payments and Reforms of the English Hospital Payment System”
Randall P. Ellis (, Marian Vidal-Fernadez (, July 2007
34)”Health insurance decisions, cost expectations, and job turnover”
Randall P. Ellis (, Ching-To Albert Ma (, July 2007
33) “Subsidy Design and Asymmetric Information: Wealth versus Benefits”
Simona Grassi (, Ching-To Albert Ma (, May 2007
32) “Informal Payments in Developing Countries’ Public Health Sectors”
Ting Liu (, Monic Jiayin Sun (, April 2007
31) “Disclosing Multiple Product Attributes”
Monic Jiayin Sun (, April 2007
30) “The Wealth-Consumption Ratio: A Litmus Test for Consumption-based Asset Pricing Models”
Hanno Lustig, Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh, Adrien Verdelhan (, April 2007
29) “Gender Roles and Technological Progress”
Stefania Albanesi, Claudia Olivetti (, April 2007
28) “Investment and the Cost of Capital: New Evidence from the Corporate Bond Market”
Jawwad Noor (, April 2007
27) “Investment and the Cost of Capital: New Evidence from the Corporate Bond Market”
Simon Gilchrist (, Fabio M. Natalucci, Egon Zakrajˇsek, April 2007
26) “Simulating the Dynamic Macroeconomic and Microeconomic Effects of the FairTax”
Sabine Jokischa, Laurence J. Kotlikoff (, April 2007
25) “Testing for Shifts in Trend with an Integrated or Stationary Noise Component”
Pierre Perron (, Tomoyoshi Yabu, April 2007
24) “Dynamics of Consumer Demand for New Durable Goods”
Gautam Gowrisankaran, Marc Rysman (, April 2007
23) “Prevention and Dynamic Risk Adjustment”
Karen Eggleston, Randall P. Ellis (,Mingshan Lu, May 2007
22) “Catching Up or Falling Behind? Income Distribution of Chinese Cities”
Chun-Yu Ho (, Dan Li (, March 2007
21) “Identifying the Age Profile of Patent Citations: New Estimates of Knowledge Diffusion”
Aditi Mehta, Marc Rysman (, Tim Simcoe, March 2007
20) “Estimating Deterministic Trend with an Integrated or Stationary Noise Component”
Pierre Perron (, Tomoyoshi Yabu, March 2007
19) “A Non-local Perspective on the Power Properties of the CUSUM and CUSUM of Squares Tests for Structural Change”
Ai Deng, Pierre Perron (, March 2007
18) “Data Dependent Rules for the Selection of the Number of Leads and Lags in the Dynamic OLS Cointegrating Regression”
Mohitosh Kejriwal, Pierre Perron (, March 2007
17) “The Dynamics of Mergers and Acquisitions in Oligopolistic Industries”
Dirk Hackbarth, Jianjun Miao (, March 2007
16) “Risk, Uncertainty, And Option Execise”
Jianjun Miao (, Neng Wang, March 2007
15) “Is the U.S. Bankrupt?”
Laurence J. Kotlikoff (, March 2007
14) “Staticide – America’s Suicidal Healthcare Status Quo”
Laurence J. Kotlikoff (, March 2007
13) “Rising Regional Inequality in China: Policy Regimes and Structural Changes”
Chun-Yu Ho (, Dan Li (, Feburary 2007
12) “Improving Estimates of Monotone Functions by Rearrangement”
Victor Chernozhukov, Iván Fernández-Val (, Alfred Galichon, February 2007
11) “Quantile and Probability Curves without Crossing”
Victor Chernozhukov, Iván Fernández-Val (, Alfred Galichon, February 2007
10) “Bias Corrections for Two-Step Fixed Effects Panel Data Estimators”
Iván Fernández-Val (, Francis Vella, February 2007
09) “Fixed Effects Estimation of Structural Parameters and Marginal Effects in Panel Probit Models”
Iván Fernández-Val (, February 2007
08) “Temptation, Welfare and Revealed Preference”
Jawwad Noor (, Februrary 2007 *Supplementary Appendix
07) “Disasters and Recoveries: A Note on the Barro-Rietz Explanation of the Equity Premium Puzzle”
Francois Gourio (, January 2007
06) “Investment Spikes: New Facts and a General Equilibrium Exploration”
Francois Gourio (, Anil K Kashyap, January 2007 *Code, Slides
05) “Putty-Clay Technology and Stock Market Volatility”
Francois Gourio (, January 2007 *Appendix
04) “The Excess Burden of Government Indecision”
Francisco J. Gomes, Laurence J. Kotlikoff (, Luis M. Viceira, January 2007
03) “Competing for Ownership”
Patrick Legros, Andrew F. Newman (, January 2007
02) “Smithian Growth through Creative Organization”
Patrick Legros, Andrew F. Newman (, Eugenio Proto, January 2007
01) “Investment During the Korean Financial Crisis: A Structural Econometric Approach”
Simon Gilchrist (, Jae W Sim, January 2007