Department Working Papers – 2002

Working Papers Listed by Author

Working Papers Listed by Year:

40) “Do Stock Price Bubbles Influence Corporate Investment?”
Simon Gilchrist (, Charles P. Himmelberg, Gur Huberman, December 2002
39) “Discounting And Altruism To Future Decision-Makers”
Maria Saez-Marti, Jorgen Weibull (, December 2002
38) “Finding A Way Out Of America’s Demographic Dilemma”
Laurence J. Kotlikoff (, Kent Smetters, Jan Walliser, December 2002
37) “Sales Promotions in Supermarkets: Estimating Their Effects on Profits and Consumer Welfare”
Victor Aguirregabiria (, November 2002
36) “Health Plan Entry and Exit in the Medicare Managed Care Market”
Randall P. Ellis (, Ipek Gurol, November 2002
35) “Does It Pay to Work?”
Jagadeesh Gokhale, Alexi Sluchynsky, Laurence J. Kotlikoff (, November 2002
34) “Racial Discrimination In Labor Markets With Posted Wage Offers”
Kevin Lang (, Michael Manove (, William Dickens, November 2002
33) “Managed Care And Trends In Hospital Care For Mental Health And Substance Abuse Treatment In Massachusetts: 1994-1999″
Elaine Fleming, Hsienming Lien, Ching-To Albert Ma (, Thomas G. McGuire, October 2002
32) “Who Gets Paid To Save?”
Jagadeesh Gokhale, Laurence J. Kotlikoff (, October 2002
31) “Sequential Simulated-Based Estimation of Dynamic Discrete Games”
Victor Aguirregabiria (, Pefro Mira, October 2002
30) “Public Rationing And Private Cost Incentives”
Ching-To Albert Ma (, October 2002
29) “The Role of Competition In Stimulating Telecom Investment”
Kevin A. Hassett, Laurence J. Kotlikoff (, October 2002
28) “How Important Are Classroom Peer Effects? Evidence From Boston’s Metco Program”
Joshua D. Angrist, Kevin Lang (, October 2002
27) “Provider-Client Interactions And Quantity Of Health Care Use”
Hsien-Ming Lien, Ching-To Albert Ma (, Thomas G. McGuire, September 2002
26) “Recursive Pseudo Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Structural Models Involving Fixed-Point Problems”
Victor Aguirregabiria (, September 2002
25) “Punctuality”
Kaushik Basu, Jorgen Weibull (, September 2002
24) “GLS Detrending Efficient Unit Root Tests And Structural Change”
Pierre Perron (, Gabriel Rodriguez, September 2002
23) “The German Telecommunications Reform – Where Did It Come From, Where Is It, And Where Is It Going?”
Ingo Vogelsang (, September 2002
22) “Price And Quality Competition Under Adverse Selection: Market Organization and Efficiency”
Gary Biglaiser, Ching-To Albert Ma (, August 2002
21) “Markets Versus Negotiations: The Predominance Of Centralized Markets”
Zvika Neeman (, Nir Vulkan, August 2002
20) “Intertemporal State Budgeting”
Bruce Baker, Daniel Besendorfer, Laurence J. Kotlikoff (, June 2002
19) “The Adequacy Of Life Insurance”
Jagadeesh Gokhale, Laurence J. Kotlikoff (, June 2002
18) “Deterministic Approximation Of Stochastic Evolution In Games”
Michel Benaim, Jorgen Weibull (, June 2002
16) “Language-Skill Complementarity: Returns To Immigrant Language Acquisition”
Eli Berman, Kevin Lang (, Erez Siniver, June 2002
15) “Investment, Capacity, And Uncertainty: A Putty-Clay Approach”
Simon Gilchrist (, John C. Williams, May 2002
14) “Language And Economics
Barton L. Lipman (, May 2002
13) “Against Compromise: A Mechanism Design Approach”
Alon Klement, Zvika Neeman (, May 2002
12) “Saving And Life Insurance Holdings At Boston University-A Unique Case Study”
B. Douglas Bernheim, Solange Berstein, Jagadeesh Gokhale, Laurence J. Kotlikoff (, May 2002
11) “An Impossibility Theorem On Self-Belief”
Hsueh-Ling Huynh (, Balazs Szentes, May 2002
10) “The Relevance Of Private Information In Mechanism Design”
Zvika Neeman (, April 2002
09) “Testing Game Theory”
Jorgen Weibull (, April 2002
08) “Uniqueness In Infinitely Repeated Decision Problems”
Nicolas Vieille, Jorgen Weibull (, April 2002
07) “Searching for Additive Outliers in Nonstationary Time Series”
Pierre Perron (, Gabriel Rodrfguez, April 2002
06) “Transport Costs, Geography and Regional Inequalities”
Pierre-Philippe Combes and Miren Lafourcade, April 2002 *IED Discussion Papers
05) “Using Fuzzy Diagnoses fro Risk Adjustment”
Randall P. Ellis (, April 2002
04) “Dynamic Speculative Attacks”
Christophe Chamley(, March 2002 *IED Discussion Papers
03) “Another Look at the Identification of Dynamic Discrete Decision Processes”
Victor Aguirregabiria (, February 2002
02) “Is Equality Stable?”
Dilip Mookherjee (, Debraj Ray, February 2002 *IED Discussion Papers
01) “Productivity And The PC Revolution”
Authors Vijay Gurbaxani, Robert Town, Simon Gilchrist (, January 2002