Department Working Papers – 2001

Working Papers Listed by Author

Working Papers Listed by Year:

26) “Changes in Women’s Hours of Market Work: The Effect of Changing Returns to Experience”
Claudia Olivetti (, December 2001
25) “Combating the Crisis in Government Accountability: A Review of Recent International Experience”
Dilip Mookherjee (, December 2001 *IED Discussion Papers
24) “Effects of Ownership Composition on Performance: Evidence form Czech Republic”
Andrew Weiss (, Georgiy Nikitin, December 2001 *IED Discussion Papers
23) “Racial Justice; The Superficial Morality of Colour-Blindness in the United States”
Glenn C. Loury (, December 2001 *IED Discussion Papers
22) “Incentive Structure For Class Action Lawyers”
Alon Klement, Zvika Neeman (, November 2001
21) “Diaspora and Development: Highly Skilled Migrants from East Asia”
Robert E. B. Lucas (, November 2001 *IED Discussion Papers
20) “Why Is Language Vague”
Barton L. Lipman (, October 2001
19) “Threats and Concessions in Tariff Settings”
Taiji Furusawa, October 2001 *IED Discussion Papers
18) “Switching Costs In Infinitely Repeated Games”
Barton L. Lipman (, Ruqu Wang, September 2001
17) “Residual Based Tests For Cointegration With GLS Detrended Data”
Pierre Perron (, Gabriel Rodrfguez, September 2001
16) “Computation and Analysis of Multiple Structural Change Models”
Jushan Bai, Pierre Perron (, September 2001
15) “Risk Selection And Matching In Performance-Based Contracting”
Mingshan Lu, Ching-To Albert Ma, Lasheng Yuan, July 2001
14) “Vote-Trading As An Instrument Of Corporate Goverance”
Zvika Neeman, Gerhard O. Orosel, June 2001
13) “A Note On The Selection Of Time Series Models”
Serena Ng, Pierre Perron (, June 2001
12) “The Coming Generational Storm”
Laurence J. Kotlikoff (, June 2001
11) “Death Spirals, Switching Costs, And Health Premium Payment Systems”
Randall P. Ellis (, Filipa Aragao, May 2001
10) “Does Participating In A 401(k) Raise Your Lifetime Taxes”
Jagadeesh Gokhale, Laurence J. Kotlikoff (, Todd Neumann, May 2001
09) “Women’s Leadership and Policy Decisions: Evidence from a Nationwide Randomized Experiment in India”
Raghabendra Chattopadhyay, Esther Duflo, May 2001 *IED Discussion Papers
08) “Turnover and Job Training in Developing and Developed Countries: Evidence from Colombia and the United States”
Julie Anderson Schaffner, May 2001 (tables) *IED Discussion Papers
07) “Multiple Structural Change Models: A Simulation Analysis”
Jushan Bai, Pierre Perron (, April 2001
06) “Generational Policy”
Laurence J. Kotlikoff (, February 2001
05) “The Case For A Tax Hike”
Laurence J. Kotlikoff (, February 2001 *Policy Pieces
04) “The Robustness Of Scoring Rules Against Inefficient Manipulation”
Eyal Baharad, Zvika Neeman (, February 2001
03) “Transition Dynamics in Vintage Capital Models: Explaining the Postwar Catch-up of Germany and Japan”
Simon Gilchrist (, John C. Williams, January 2001 *IED Discussion Papers
02) “Technology, Trade and Growth: A Unified Framework”
Jonathan Eaton, Samuel Kortum, February 2001 *IED Discussion Papers
01) “The Mismatch Between Life Insurance Holdings And Financial Vulnerabilities: Evidence From The Health And Retirement Survey”
B. Douglas Bernheim, Lorenzo Forni, Jagadeesh Gokhale, Laurence J. Kotlikoff (, Debraj Ray, January 2001