Departmental Awards

College Prize for Excellence

The College Prize for Excellence in Economics recognizes outstanding scholastic performance by undergraduate students in economics. It is awarded to one or more students who demonstrate great achievement in economics, commitment to the field, and a deep passion for learning. The recipients are selected by the Director of Undergraduate Studies in consultation with the faculty and the award is funded by the College of Arts and Sciences.

2014: Guy Aridor, Calvin Chiu, Jessika Smith
2013: Sam Leone, Caitlin Outterson, Daniella Sehgal
2012: Andrea Dacka, Shawn Musgrave, Ryan Ruikka
2011: Michael Clancy
2010: Jeanna Simeone
2009: Justin Ladner, Krystal Tan
2008: Alex Blocker
2007: Dana Rotz
2006: Kaiwen Leong, Laura Diane Shiers
2005: Stephen Miran
2004: Timothy Manion
1995: Antje Dorothea Siems
1993: Alicia C. Halligan
1992: Eyal Elkon, Elizabeth Wong

Prize for Academic Excellence in the Economics Master’s Program

The Prize for Academic Excellence in the Economics Master’s Program was established in 2014 by generous donations from Economics alumni Randy Cohen (BA/MA 2007), Brian Herr (BA 1999), Michael Kheyfets (BA/MA 2007), and Michelle Meyer (BA/MA 2004). This prize recognizes outstanding academic performance by students in the Department of Economics Master’s programs. The award winners are selected by the Director of the Master’s Program in consultation with faculty.

2014: Xiao Yang, Beixi Zhou

Special PhD Stipend for MA Graduates

Beginning in 2014, this award provides a summer stipend for the top graduate of a BU Economics master’s program who enters the BU Economics PhD program. The recipient is chosen by the PhD admissions committee and the Director of the Master’s Program, in consultation with faculty. The award is funded by a generous donation by the family of an MA alumnus.

2014: Youming Liu