PhD Student Directory

This is a partial listing of second-year and above PhD students at the BU Department of Economics. If you are trying to reach a PhD student who is not listed here, please contact the PhD Program Administrator Andrew Campolieto or check the BU Directory.

For the PhD Job Market Candidates, please see the complete listing at

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Amirapu, Amrit Development Economics, Applied Microeconomics
Bandyopadhyay, Atanu Microeconomic Theory, Social Learning
Benzell, Seth Gordon Public Economics
Bruhn, Jesse Microeconomic Theory, Labor Economics, Development
Chakrabarti, Anindya S. Macroeconomics, Network theory
Chen, Mingli Econometrics, Industrial Organization
Chen, Tianxu Health Economics, Applied Microeconomics
Cho, Daeha Macroeconomics, Bayesian Econometrics
Cooke, Kevin Decision Theory, Political Economy
Cordova, Felipe Macroeconomics, Asset Pricing
Draine, Alexander Macroeconomics, International Economics
Dutta, Aparna Econometrics, Computational Economics, Regional Economics
Fillbrunn, Mirko Political Economy, Behavioral Economics
Gao, Buqu Macro, economic theory
Gechter, Michael Development Economics, Econometrics
Gee, Emily Health economics, public sector economics, industrial organization
Goldschmidt, Deborah Labor Economics, Applied Microeconomics
Gonzalez, Mario Cruz Development Economics, Econometrics
Guay, Francois Econometrics, Finance
Gudgeon, Matthew Development Economics, Labor Economics
Hersh, Jonathan Development Economics, International Trade
Huerta, Luis Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics
Jiang, Yue Macroeconomics, Finance
Johnson, Matthew S. Labor, Public Economics
Johnson, Will Development Economics, International Trade
Klepacz, Matthew Macroeconomics
Kucko, Kavan Labor, Public
Lei, Ying Industrial Organization, Applied Game Theory, Microeconomics
Li, Huailu Labor, Applied Econometrics
Li, Jiaxuan Industrial Organization
Li, Mengmeng Macro Economics, Econometrics
Lin, Henry Industrial Organization, Applied Theory
Lin, Shuheng International Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics
Lipsitz, Michael Organizational Economics, Applied Theory
Luscombe, Calvin Heatlh Economics, Industrial Oragnization
Machado, Sara Health Economics, Labor Economics
Nath, Anusha Development Economics, Political Economy
Ogden, Benjamin Political Economy, Microeconomic Theory
Palacios, Maria Dolores Organizational Economics, Development Economics
PĂ©rez, Francisca Macroeconomics, Finance
Perlman, Elisabeth Economic History, Labor, Innovation
Que, Lingfeng Development Economics, Microeconomic Theory
Rahim, Talal Ur Industrial Organization, Applied Econometrics
Rivera, Alejandro Corporate Finance, Macro-Finance
Ross, Phillip H. Development Economics, Applied Microeconomics
Sagner, Andres Macroeconomics, Finance, Econometrics
Saponara, Nick Microeconomic Theory, Decision Theory
Satir, Yasemin Political Economy, Public Economics
Schwab, Daniel Development Economics
Semov, Svetoslav Corporate Finance
Solow, Benjamin Political Economy, Microeconomics
Tian, Yuan Econometrics, Development Economics
Tucker, Lee Labor Economics, Development Economics
Walsh, Christoph Industrial Organization, Development Economics
Wang, Ye Health Economics, Labor Economics
Wang, Ye Health Economics, Labor Economics
Wu, Shunan Development Economics
Yang, Ei Macroeconomics, Development Economics
Yang, Qianyu Macoeconomics, Development Economics
Ye, Han Labor Economics, Public Economics
Yi, Mingzi Macro-Finance
Yu, Grace Wei Industrial Organization, Development Economics
Zhang, Mengxi Microeconomic Theory, Organizational Economics
Zhu, Wenjia Health Economics, Development Economics
Zhuo, Fan Econometrics