Distinguished Visitors Program

The Purpose

The main purpose of the visitor program is to give the PhD students an opportunity to attend mini-courses and seminars taught by distinguished economists in different fields, and meet with them personally to discuss their own research. They will visit the department for between one and two weeks, during which they will teach a mini-course consisting of two to four lectures in a topic of their expertise, give one regular seminar, and hold office hours to meet with PhD students individually.

Allocation of Visitors

The number of visitors is allocated across fields in rough proportion to the dissertations written or being worked upon in those fields by PhD students. Each field has a nominated faculty representative, who will consult faculty and PhD students in their field and select who to invite. The representative will also communicate with those invited and work out dates of their visit, in consultation also with me and/or Eleanor (we will be trying to coordinate the visits of different visitors to avoid conflicts). The visitors will generally occupy Rm 417. PhD students are encouraged to make appointments (via Gillian or Eleanor in the IED office) to see them, apart from attending their lectures and seminars.

2014 – 2015 Schedule of Visitors:

Dates of Visit Name Field
September 15 – 19 Eddie Dekel (Northwestern) Micro
October 27 – 30 Fabrizio Perri (Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis) Micro
April 27 Leemore Dafny (Northwestern) IO/Health

Detailed Lecture & Office Hour Schedule:

To schedule office hours please email Gillian Gurish at gjgurish@bu.edu and give her your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice of available half-hour appointments. Please check the schedule below to confirm which appointment times are open. Every attempt will be made to give you your preferred time; however, please know that it will be based on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you are unable to attend any of the scheduled office hours, please email Gillian at gjgurish@bu.edu with a time that fits your needs.

Please use the following links if you would like to subscribe to the Distinguished Visitor schedules: Distinguished Visitor Lecture Series: iCal, HTML; Distinguished Visitor Office Hours: iCal, HTML. Please refer to the Google Calendar Help Forum or the user manual of your preferred calendar software/application (e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar) and device (e.g. iPhone, Samsung Galaxy) for instructions on how to sync a calendar.