Making Contributions to the Data Network

The IED welcomes submissions of data sets to the Research Data Network by members of the BU Economics community.

To contribute a data set to the network, please submit an information form to along with your data and full documentation. Note that you have complete freedom to choose the level of access that you provide others to your data, and your data will not be made available to anyone without your consent.

For more information on the various options that contributors have in setting access levels for their submitted data, click here.

For more information on managing and manipulating data, click here.

Most new submissions will go through the following procedure to be listed in the Research Data Network’s main catalog:

  1. The IED will respond with some follow-up questions on the data, documentation, sources and confidentiality.
  2. The data and documentation will be standardized. Most data will be maintained in csv (comma separated values) format.
  3. The data will be listed in the IED Research Databank Catalog and its availability governed by the access level that you choose.
  4. You are free to change the level of access to your datasets that you offer to others at any time.