Research Data Network

The Institute for Economic Development (IED) at Boston University maintains the Research Data Network as a catalog and repository of data contributed by faculty and graduate students of Boston University’s Department of Economics. Additionally, the Network is linked to other data sources and information helpful to economics researchers. The purpose is to enable wider sharing of existing data sets already collected by faculty and students, in order to facilitate collaborative research or opportunities for subsequent independent work.

Some data listed in the Network’s main catalog are stored and maintained by IED directly, while others are maintained by the data’s owner. IED makes no guarantees on the accuracy or integrity of the data listed in the Research Data Network. The Network is intended to serve only as a data clearing house for facilitating the sharing of information. Research Data Network users bear all risk and responsibility associated with obtaining and using data listed in the Network.

Access to data maintained by the IED Research Data Network is generally restricted to the BU Economics community because some data sets are licensed only to the Boston University Department of Economics. Further restrictions may apply depending on confidentiality agreements or other intellectual property rights governing the free distribution of a data set, or if the contributor of a data set has otherwise specified additional restrictions. For this reason, access granted to data sets from the IED Research Data Network is handled on an individual basis, and individuals who are granted access to a data set may not distribute it to anyone else.

The IED welcomes new submissions to the data network. For information on the submission process, including the various options that contributors have in setting access levels for their submitted data, click here

How it works…

Gaining access to the data network

Making contributions to the data network

Levels of Access to the data on the network

Data Sets and Tools

Main Data: Data sets shared by affiliates of the BU Economics Department

Additional Data: A large collection of links to development-related data

Data Management: Tools and information for managing and manipulating data