BU Economics Professor Pierre Perron honored by Pontificia Universidad Catolica of Peru

BU Economics Professor Pierre Perron has been appointed as Doctor Honoris Causa of Pontificia Universidad Católica of Perú. A translation of the university’s resolution reads, in part,

Pierre Perron, Doctor (Ph.D) in Economics from Yale University and Professor of the Department of Economics at Boston University, is a prominent Canadian economist, considered one of the world’s leading economists specializing in the field of Econometrics, in particularly in the theoretical and empirical analysis of time series, structural change, nonstationarity and financial econometrics;

Dr. (Ph.D) Perron is conducting a  brilliant academic career, during which he has formed many generations of students of economics to transmit the valuable legacy of his extensive knowledge and his relevant professional experience;

Dr. (Ph.D) Perron has an outstanding reputation in the international academic community, thanks to the impact of his writings and approaches have had on contemporary academic and intellectual production, which is testimony to the huge number of quotations from his works and used in studies around the world economy;

That knowledge and experience of Doctor (Ph.D) Perron in the field of econometrics is widely required to exercise arbitration in prestigious publications specializing in economic studies in which is clear the influence that the figure of Dr. (Ph.D) Perron has achieved in the media pf current international research on economic matters;

The ideas and writings of Dr. (Ph.D) Perron has had a significant stimulus for research and discussion of teachers and students of economics within our university…