Supprt for our work comes from a variety of sources


Support for our work in California is supplied mainly through a grant from the The Packard Foundation. We are currently seeking support to continue our work in the Fall of 2002. You can view that draft proposal here.

Support for our work in Biosphere2 has come from The Packard Foundation and Columbia University. Some of those funds were used to develop our web ethology interface. We are currently seeking funds to continue our work there, and to bring our research into the field. You can view that proposal here.

Our work on Lake Victoria has been funded heavily by the National Science Foundation. We have recently developed a proposal to continue our work on the conservation of Lake Victoria fishes.
Our work on Tautog was funded by MIT Sea-Grant. We are currently developing a proposal to take our investigation of Tautog to the next level.

In addition, we would like to thank the support we've been granted by the following generous parties:

Tetra-Min Co. often provides food for our fishes

Aquaria Inc. donated considerable aquaria and filters to our laboratory, and we are grateful for their assistance.

Axis Technologies donated a streaming server to our Biosphere project.