When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world. ~ John Muir
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EcoFest is a fun, participatory series of events geared towards the themes of sustainability, reduction of the human footprint on the environment and education about biodiversity and the current crisis in biodiversity loss.

Everyone is welcome to participate -- students, staff, and faculty at Boston University, friends from near and far, long-lost relatives and anyone in between.

Check out our FAQ for more information.

Daniel Hudon (chair)
Jillian Ferraro
Julia Chen
Morgan Corner
Michelle Huliwicz
Katie Malveira
Brennah Montague
Haley Marchewka

Daniel Hudon (co-chair)
Alex Coverdill (co-chair)
Jillian Ferraro
Rajani Ghosh
Abby Cote
Alex Lundsted
Mary Farina
Divya Reddy
Isabella Pietroboni

... with additional assitance from Brian Lepre, Nicole Troelstrup, Arielle Andler and Rachel Weil.

Particular thanks go to our primary sponsors, the CAS Core Curriculum and Diana Wylie, Distinguished Teaching Professor.

Our terrific event sketches were made by Devyn Buckley.
Thanks also to Divya Reddy for creating the five rings logo that's on our Facebook group.

Zak Bos created our cool website (with input from Daniel Hudon) and organized our sign-up process, for which we are deeply grateful. He also created our eye-catching poster (again with input from DH).

Our slogan, "Competing for Team Earth," was coined by Jillian Ferraro. As you participate in our events, explore our resources, and raise awareness for the human impact on the environment and on biodiversity, we hope you keep it in mind.