Pitch wins the Entrepreneurial Award. Pictured from left are Alan Pisano, Associate Professor of the Practice; Nick Lippis; Robins Patel; Brad Berk; Patrick Maruska; and David Castañón, Professor and Department Chair

The way people exchange information has changed over the last decade. Today, agendas are no longer distributed on paper during an office meeting – they’re sent over email.

The move to digital is certainly more tree-friendly, but there are still ways sharing documents could be improved.

Pitch, a team made up of Brad Berk, Nick Lippis, Patrick Maruska, and Robins Patel (all ECE ’13), decided to focus on this problem for their senior design project.

The seniors developed a secure Windows 8 application that creates meeting spaces where documents of any type can be shared quickly and easily with all other meeting members.

“I really think our product has the features and the background to really be able to help people to a point where this becomes a part of life for them,” said Maruska in an interview on Microsoft’s Channel 9. “Email once was this foreign technology that no one could understand, but now it’s something you can’t imagine living without. That’s what we hope Pitch is to the future.”

Though file-sharing applications do exist, they don’t currently focus on how to share documents in real-time situations. Pitch uses features that allow users to share a space on the internet without requiring a lot of preplanning.


Team 7 - Pitch

“With Pitch there are no accounts,” explained Lippis. “This saves time because a document owner doesn’t need the recipient’s information to share a file.”

Pitch has already found early success with their idea. At ECE Day ’13, they won the Entrepreneurial Award and the team also was one of 13 finalists to compete in the Microsoft Imagine Cup U.S. finals, where they were awarded a $1,000 SkyDrive Boost Award for incorporating the SkyDrive API – a file-hosting service that provides access to cloud computing storage – into their project.

Currently Pitch is furthering their business plan at the School of Management’s Institute for Technology, Entrepreneurship and Commercialization (ITEC) Venture Start-Up Camp.

View video of the presentation by Pitch.