Choreographed LED Artwork


Choreographed LED Artwork wins one of two Design Excellence Awards. Pictured from left are Babak Kia Montazam, Senior Lecturer; Alan Pisano, Associate Professor of the Practice; Chris Davis; Mike Gurr; Matt Lee; Chris Hall; Kevin Meyer; and David Castañón, Professor and Department Chair.

You might not consciously notice how soft a room’s lights are, but often times, they’re set at levels designed to convey a mood. In a restaurant, lighting can be dim to create a warmer atmosphere whereas in classrooms, it might be brighter to keep students alert.

“Lighting is a subtle yet very important art,” said Chris Davis (ECE ’13). “It can be a very powerful artistic and environmental tool.”

As part of their Senior Design Project, Davis, Mike Gurr, Chris Hall, Matt Lee, and Kevin Meyer (all ECE ’13) explored the world of LED lighting. Tasked by Technofrolics, a Massachusetts company that merges art and science, the team was asked to design choreographed LED artwork that was visually striking, modular and kinetic.


Team 3 presenting on ECE Day

The seniors presented their project at ECE Day ’13, and the alumni judges, impressed by their efforts, awarded them one of two Design Excellence Awards.

The team designed a PC application that can transform a video into a data stream of color values and then send that data over WiFi. Once a target board receives the information, it can display the choreographed colors.

Davis said that some of the potential applications for the design might include galleries, aquariums, job fairs or even homes if the owners wanted to add some creativity to their lighting.

One of the unique features of the project is that the LEDS are not soldered to a target board; instead each light is attached with a flexible sheath allowing for easy translation.

View video of the presentation by Choreographed LED Artwork.