Calibration Device for Microarray Slides


Calibration Device for Microarray Slides wins the P. T. Hsu Memorial Award for the Outstanding Senior Design Project. Pictured from left are Alan Pisano, Associate Professor of the Practice; Ryan Lagoy; Allison Marn; Jyotsna Singh; Sasha Gazman; and David Castañón, Professor and Department Chair

The faster a doctor can pinpoint a problem with a patient, the faster that patient could start to feel better.

Fluorescence based testing has the potential to be a viable and efficient way to detect target proteins, allergens, and diseases, but currently results are qualitative and the data inferred is not always accurate.

As part of their Senior Design Project, Sasha Gazman, Ryan Lagoy, Allison Marn, and Jyotsna Singh worked with Professor Selim Ünlü (ECE, BME) to develop a system for detection for microarray slides using an Interferometric Reflectance Imaging Sensor.

“Our system improves upon the accuracy of fluorescence based testing and is compact, portable, and user-friendly,” Singh said during the Calibration for Microarray Slides team presentation.

In a show of solidarity, the graduate students in Ünlü’s Optical Characterization and Nanophotonics Laboratory turned out to support the undergraduates during their team’s performance. They may have been a good luck charm – the undergraduates ultimately won the P. T. Hsu Memorial Award for Outstanding Senior Design Project, the highest honor of ECE Day ’13.

Team 17 presenting their demo

Team 17 presenting their demo

“Overall, we’re hoping to increase the accuracy of diagnostics,” added Lagoy, who also was awarded the Michael F. Ruane Award for Excellence in Senior Capstone Design.

The development of this system will allow laboratories and clinics to test samples more rapidly for quick diagnoses and accelerate the pace of diagnostics research.

View video of the presentation by Calibration Device for Microarray Slides.