nanoTRACK team

Team nanoTRACK poses with ECE Professor Michael Ruane after winning the P.T. Hsu Award at ECE Day. Pictured from left are Ruane, Daniel Ryan, Schuyler Eldridge, Tunde Agboola, Mohammed Rahbini and Nickvash Kani.

It’s not every day that an international company leading in engineering development asks five seniors to not only test out software but develop new hardware, too.

But Altium Limited, an Australian based software company that creates PC-based electronics design software for engineers, asked seniors Tunde Agboola (CE), Schuyler Eldridge (EE), Nickvash Kani (CE), Mohammed Rahbini (EE) and Daniel Ryan (EE) to do just that as part of their senior project.

Specifically, the team was asked to develop a peripheral board for Altium’s line of NanoBoards which are used to enhance an engineer’s ability to design, implement and debug an entire FPGA (field programmable gate array)-based system design. At Altium’s request, the new peripheral board also had to perform some basic video and image processing.

“The project really required a broad set of skillsets,” said Eldridge. “Individually, we probably wouldn’t have been able to complete the task so this definitely taught us how to work as a team.”

To demonstrate their work, the seniors developed an object tracking system that used color thresholding. Watch one of their early tests using grayscale-based thresholding.

By the end of the semester, Team nanoTRACK had completed their task and ultimately expanded upon the functionality of Altium’s NanoBoard. Additionally, they showed the effectiveness of Altium’s software and hardware when confronted with real world engineering challenges.

View videos of Team nanoTRACK’s ECE Day presentation:

Part 1
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