3D LED Cube Display

Team 10 – Hyperion 3D members: Wesley Reitzfeld, Sachit Bakshi,Oleg Shatrovoy, Elaine Uy

The 3D LED cube developed by ECE Senior Project team, “Hyperion 3D” (Sachit Bakshi, Wesley Reitzfeld, Oleg Shatrovoy, and Elaine Uy) is an exercise in precision and imaginative problem solving.

Using a grid of 512 white LEDs arranged in an 8x8x8 cube, the team created a visualization device that can display animated three-dimensional objects viewable from any angle. These true 3D images are transferred to the device via a standard USB cable from a PC running specialized software developed by the team.

Despite being a relatively low-resolution monochrome display, the device can present remarkably sophisticated animations. Each LED is precisely calibrated to accurately display 16 degrees of user-specified brightness, allowing for varying degrees of contrast across the image. The device is also capable of updating objects at a rate of 30 frames-per-second, thus achieving perceivably smooth animation.

While ensuring unrestricted viewing angles and effectively utilizing the USB standard were speed bumps for the team, it was the manufacturing process that proved most difficult.

“None of us were familiar with the manufacturing process,” said the team. “It took quite some time to discuss and plan each step of the design. In the end, we discovered that we were able to solve problems that we neither anticipated or thought we were capable of addressing.”