How Computer Engineers make the World Monetary System Possible

Computer Engineers help drive the Global Economy

Computer Engineers help drive the Global Economy

The global banking system would be impossible without the work of Computer Engineers.  If you have an interest in the application of computers on a world-wide scale, then computer engineering is for you. Unlike computer science, which is primarily a mathematical discipline, the Computer Engineer is fluent in both the hardware and software aspects of the modern computer systems that make banking possible.

Banks act as payment agents by conducting checking or current accounts for customers, paying checks drawn by customers on the bank, and collecting checks deposited to customers’ current accounts. Banks also enable customer payments via other payment methods such the ATM. Each of these tasks must occur via solidly secure computers communicating over totally hack-proof Internet network connections.

New horizons in computing will present exciting challenges to Computer Engineers in the 21st century. While not yet realities, quantum computing, nano-computing, sentient artificial intelligence (e.g., the self-sufficient robots from I, Robot), and direct interfacing between computers and the human brain no longer lie in the realm of pure science fiction.

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