EK127 Class Notes

Lab Location and Access

  • Laboratory sections are held in the ECE Microprocessor and PC Laboratory in Room 117 Photonics Building. Follow the link for hours, calendar, and information about the lab itself.
  • If you’re registered for the class, you should swipe card access to the lab. Alas sometimes access isn’t automatically granted, in which case you can apply for access through Zaius. You’ll need to select “PHO 117 STUDENT ACCESS Instructional Lab Microprocessor.”
  • If you are a GTF or TA and need 24/7 access, you can apply for faculty/staff access in Zaius. Select “PHO 117 FACULTY/STAFF ONLY Instructional Lab Microprocessor.”

Logging In, The V:\ drive, and Matlab

You may have trouble connecting to the V:\ drive or running Matlab. This is usually because the account was created without being fully associated with the College of Engineering’s network. If this is the case, try running Webnew at:


If you are having problems with Matlab, please email owner-matlab-list@bu.edu and CC: eceit@bu.edu. Include the version, OS, and any error codes you receive.

For issues with the computers, printers, or lab email the ECE IT group at eceit@bu.edu.