Smart Lighting Undergraduate Research Program (SLURP) Laboratory


The mission and focus of the former High Tech & Toys Laboratory (HTTTL) was reorganized to address educational needs for the Smart Lighting ERC. This lab is now equipped with ten contemporary workstations,a mechanical shop area, and a lighting cage compatible with the Communications Testbed at BU. A variety ofresearch engaging undergraduates can be completed in this facility which serves as a persistent lab space forexperimenting with and designing the next generation of lighting, biosensing, and communications projects.

Lab Info

Location: Photonics Building, Room 208
Faculty: Little
Managing Staff: Goebel, Fortin
Support: or 617-353-1244



  • 10 HP Z400 workstations
  • Lighting cage and power distribution system
  • 8 SL1 Smart Light units
  • 8 IP-Video cameras
  • 10 openWRT-based Linksys routers
  • Gumstix and Wili embedded linux platforms
  • 30 Sun SunSPOT 32-bit motes
  • 150+ MicaZ/2 and Imote motes
  • Soldering stations


  • MS Windows 7 Pro
  • Matlab/Simulink
  • Visual Studio .NET
  • Microsoft Office
  • Cadence Allegro SPB
  • Altium