Signals and Networks Laboratory (SIGNET)


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This laboratory provides instructional facilities for courses in the areas of signal processing and communication networks. This laboratory houses numerous workstations for digital signal processing, image processing, and various real-time applications covering the complete audio frequency spectrum. Equipment includes Linux-based workstations, microphones, DSP boards, speakers, amplifiers and software packages such as MATLAB. The courses served by this laboratory include EC401 (Signals and Systems), EC415 (Communication Systems), EC416 (Intro to Digital Signal Processing), EC441 (Introduction to Computer Networking), EC516 (Digital Signal Processing), EC541 (Computer Communication Networks) and some ECE modules in EK130 (Introduction to Engineering). On the communications side, experiments involving data communication links, local-area networks, and wide-area networks are supported. Powerful computer-based simulation and analysis tools are available to compare and evaluate network designs. Facilities are also provided with a new dedicated network lab, the Cyber Security Laboratory, which enables experimentation with local-area and wireless networks.

Lab Info

Location: Photonics Building, Room 307
Faculty: Alanyali, Carruthers, Konrad, Karl, Starobinski, Trachtenberg
Managing Staff: Fortin, Goebel
Support: or 617-353-1244


EK131/132, EC312, EC401, EC415, EC416, EC441, EC455, EC512, EC515, EC516, EC541, EC551, EC566


  • 60 Lenovo All in One M93z
    • Intel I5 & 8GB Ram
  • Dell B5460dn Laser Printer
  • HP Color LaserJet M651
  • Sanyo PLC-XP20N Projector
  • Wireless Microphone and audio system (in closet)

Lab Software

  • BU Linux 6 (Neo)
  • Matlab
  • Cadence Tools (e.g. IC5141)
  • Synopsys
    • sold, syn, css, tx
  • Mentor Graphics
    • Modelsim
  • Comsol Multiphysics
  • Xilinx ISE
  • Eclipse
  • ddd
  • GNU Tool Chain (e.g. GCC, GDB, DDD)
  • ns-2