Senior Project Laboratory


Senior Project Lab supports our senior design teams, serving real-world corporate customers such as Analog Devices, government agencies like NASA, community groups like Boston public schools, social service agencies, artists, and small businesses, as well as faculty and staff across the University. Each team has 24/7 access to a permanent bench setup with a networked Pentium PC, benchtop Agilent test equipment, and CAD software for schematic entry, simulation, PCB layout and mechanical design. Electronics assembly and machine shop support is provided. Shared tools include high speed scopes, logic analyzers, spectrum analyzers, E-prom, PLA and FPGA burners, and various compilers and cross-compilers for FPGA, DSP and micro-controller development. Software from MSDNAA is available for all teams.

Lab Info

Location: Photonics Building, Room 113 and 111 (1067 & 730 sf)
Faculty: Ruane, Knepper, Kia, Pisano
Managing Staff: Fortin, Goebel
Support: or 617-353-1244


EC463 and EC464

Software used in instruction

  • 21 Lenovo M92p workstations with Windows 7
    • Intel Core i7 & 8GB of RAM
  • Agilent 54600B Oscilloscopes
  • Agilent Mixed signal Oscilloscopes MSO 6012A
  • Agilent waveform generators 33120A
  • Agilent triple DC power supplies E3631A
  • Agilent multi-meters 34401A


  • Local applications managed by independent student teams
  • Each team has access to a network share mapped to a local N: drive.
  • Projects should be stored in this directory for backups and future use.

Standard Software includes:

  • Matlab
  • Labview
  • MS Office Standard
  • MS Project
  • MS Visio