Electronics Laboratory


The Electronics Laboratory has 31 stations, each equipped with a PC, GPIB-controlled Agilent test instruments and National Instruments ELVIS development stations linked by LabVIEW. Sixteen stations have new LeCroy digital scopes, and three have Agilent MSO mixed signal oscilloscopes. This facility supports introductory ECE courses in analog and digital circuits and electronics with modern industry-standard equipment and software. The lab also supports more advanced experiments in signals and systems, communications, electromagnetism, and photonics. Senior design and project students use the lab on an open basis, and several freshman EK131/132 modules are held here. A small parts window sells common discrete components. Cadence SPB\OrCAD software supports SPICE circuit simulations and schematic capture and PCB layout. Engineering students may generally use the PC stations during open lab times.

Lab Info

Location: Photonics room 105 (1974 sf + 226 sf of service space)
Faculty: Horenstein, Kleptsyn
Managing Staff: Kleptsyn, Hamdi, Goebel
Support: enghelp@bu.edu or 617-353-1244


EK130/1/2, EK307, EC311, EC410, EC412
Note: EK307 and EC410 have multiple modules

Software used in instruction

  • OrCAD
  • PSpice
  • Code Composer Studio
  • MS Office Professional


There are 31 stations in the Electronics Lab. Each station consists of:

  • Lenovo ThinkCentre workstation running Windows 7
  • Agilent Multimeter 34410A
  • Agilent triple DC power supply E3631A
  • Agilent Function Generator 33120A
  • Oscilloscopes
    • 15 stations include HP/Agilent MSO6012A mixed signal oscilloscope
    • 16 stations include LeCroy WaveSurfer 422 touch-screen oscilloscope
  • All devices on each station are connected to the computer

Other equipment includes a network printer.