Control Systems Laboratory


  • Located in Photonics 309


This laboratory houses 4 ECP model 220 Industrial Plant Emulators for studying the control of practical systems. These systems consist of an electromechanical apparatus including an adjustable mechanical mechanism (plant) with actuators and sensors. Various types of controllers (e.g. PID, State- Feedback, LQR) can be designed and implemented in either continuous or discrete time formulations using a DSP-based real-time controller with a Windows graphical interface. Non-ideal conditions that are often present in real-world applications can be studied. Integrated with the systems are MATLAB and SIMULINK design tools, which can be used to design control systems that can then be implemented in the hardware. Analytical models of both the “plant” and the “controller” can be validated with actual hardware responses.


    • EC402 Control Systems



    Contact Staff

    Goebel, Hamdi