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Students like you come from all over the world to study in Boston University’s Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE). Electrical and computer engineers are instrumental in inventing, implementing and manufacturing countless technologies that serve societal needs. They work with computers, cell phones, medical imaging systems, homeland security sensors, military electronics, green energy, and (2) Major in ECE and you might have a chance to assure seamless control of a car’s breaks by working on its anti-lock braking system. Or maybe you’ll apply your skills to improving the precise movement of a Mars rover some 35 million miles away from the Earth. The opportunities are endless. Learn more about how you can apply your degree here.

By studying ECE, you’ll gain firsthand experience working on entrepreneurial projects, develop a global perspective, think collaboratively on teams, and study with renowned faculty. You’ll begin your professional training as early as your first semester when you’ll have numerous opportunities to research with our renowned faculty. Throughout your four years, you’ll have close contact with your professors both in and out of the classroom. Your experience will be capped off with a senior design project, during which teams (occasionally individuals) design and present solutions for the engineering problems of real clients and learn what it’s like to work as an engineer. When you graduate, you’ll be ready to apply what you’ve learned to day-to-day problems.


ECE students have a chance to learn about engineering - and culture.

In the ECE Department, we also believe your education should extend beyond the classroom. If you enjoy travel and are curious about engineering in other countries, our study abroad programs in locations such as DresdenDublin, Grenoble, Sydney and Tel Aviv may be for you. On campus, there are also many student groups where you can get involved, from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) to Engineers Without Borders (EWB).

There has never been a better time to major in ECE. After earning your degree, you’ll be poised for an exciting and rewarding career. According to recent reports, students majoring in Electrical Engineering (EE) went on to earn the fourth highest salaries in the US, with Computer Engineering (CE) graduates following closely behind at ninth. And there’s more good news, too. The demand for computer engineers will grow more quickly than most other occupations during the next eight years thanks to a surge in electronic records, wireless technology, data processing, and information security.

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The four years you spend in ECE@BU is just a stepping stone not only for a professional career but potentially for graduate school as well. Our graduates have gone on to use their degrees in fields seemingly unrelated to engineering, including medicine, finance, film, and law. Read some of their stories in our Alumni Spotlight section.

ECE@BU will prepare you to become an expert and innovator in your field while providing you with a strong foundation in math, science and the humanities. However, while gaining experience in state-of-the-art labs, you will be also living in one of the world’s greatest regions for technology, innovation and education. Learn more about this unique experience from our students on the E-Hosts Blog.

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