ECE@BU Program Curriculum

Freshman-level discovery courses:

  • 4 credits (1 full semester or 2 half semester courses) of Introduction to Engineering. These courses allow freshmen to experience cutting-edge engineering topics in the labs of the professors.
  • No- credit (1 course) Freshman Seminar allows students to explore options (majors, minors, concentrations, study abroad, coop) within the College of Engineering.

Requirements that build the foundations of engineering principles:

  • 20 credits (6 courses) focused on mathematics, two of which are courses taught within the College of Engineering.
  • 16 credits (4 courses) of basic science , including one natural science elective.
  • 8 credits (2 courses) of engineering computation and engineering mechanics..

Required Electrical Engineering topic courses:

  • These courses cover the core areas underlying electrical engineering including : electric circuits, electronics, digital systems, signals and systems, solid-state devices, and electromagnetics.

Required Computer Engineering topic courses:

  • These courses cover the core areas underlying computer engineering including: electric circuits, high-level computer languages, digital hardware, electronics, digital systems, electromagnetics, software engineering, operating systems, and microcontrollers.

Advanced Elective courses:

  • Advanced elective courses allow students to pursue areas of individual interest.  These courses can be used to fulfill concentration requirements or some requirements for an engineering minor.

Requirements that help form communication skills, critical thinking, a sense of place, and world perspective that are all important to the practicing engineer:

  • 16 credits (4 courses) that students use to pursue topics in social and humanistic studies from the excellent departments in BU’s  College of Arts and Sciences. These courses encourage students to study a language or an art form or an introduction to other disciplines within the university.
  • 8 credits (2 courses) focused on developing writing skills.