Frequently Used Forms

Certificate of Full-Time Participation in Graduate Program Form

This form is used to certify a student full-time if they are taking a part-time load (fewer than 12 credits). The form is commonly used by GTFs, RAs, students who are completing their program and require fewer than 12 credits to complete their requirements, and students who have fulfilled their curricular and credit requirements but have not finished their program.

Patent Policy and Agreement Form

Research Assistants must complete a Boston University Patent Policy and Agreement initially and a RA Contract and RA Contract Certification form at the start of each semester for which they expect to receive funding.

Registration Form

This form is used to register each semester. It must be signed by the student’s academic advisor before it is submitted.

Petition Form

This form is used to get approval to have an exception to current procedure. For instance, if you wish to have a Computer Science course count toward your degree program or wish to extend a deadline. The petition must be clearly stated and the reason for the exception should be detailed and reasonable. Whenever possible, a supporting letter from the student’s academic or research advisor should be submitted with the petition.

Petition for Directed Study/Independent Coursework

This form is used to register for EC900-level courses. These courses (research, project, thesis, and dissertation) are not your typical structured coursework, and this form serves as a description of the course. The form should be submitted with a detailed summary of the work attached.  It also must be submitted each time you register for a 900-level course, even if it is continuing from a previous semester.

Add/Drop Form

This form is only for class adjustments once you have already scheduled your classes for a given semester. This form may be submitted only within the allowed deadlines (see the Important Dates sections).