Information Sciences and Systems

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Research in the area of Information Sciences and Systems (ISS) centers around the sensing, communication, and processing of various forms of information. Due to the enormous flexibility of electromagnetic energy, almost all information captured in the physical world today is through electromagnetic, electro-optical, bio-electrical, electro-chemical, or electro-mechanical transducers. Hence, one of the distinguishing features of this research is the use of mathematical models tied to the physics of the phenomena underlying the generation, sensing, communication, and processing of information, whether electromagnetic, biological, chemical, or mechanical. Information, however, may also arise from more abstract phenomena such as patterns of anomalous behavior in surveillance videos, internet traffic, stock market data, geographic disease dynamics, and social interactions. Because the information is complex, high-dimensional, and accompanied by noise and uncertainty, stochastic models play a fundamental role in this research.

Research thrusts: Biological and Medical Signal Processing; Communication and Sensor Networks; Computational and Systems Biology; Decision Theory, Control, and Optimization; Image and Video Processing; Information Theory and Communications; Machine Learning and Statistical Signal Processing; Network Security; Tomographic Imaging and Inverse Problems.

Faculty: Alanyali, Carruthers, Cassandras, Castañón, GoyalGrayIshwar, Karl, Konrad, Little, Nawab, Nazer, Paschalidis, PisanoSaligrama, Starobinski, and Trachtenberg

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Research Laboratories Research Centers
Complex BioSignal Processing
Control of Discrete Event Systems
Multimedia Communications
Multidimensional Signal Processing
Network Optimization and Control
Networking and Information Systems
Visual Information Processing
Adaptive Systems
Information and Systems Engineering
Space Physics
Subsurface Sensing and Imaging Systems
Neuromuscular Research
Smart Lighting

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