Biological Sensing and Imaging

Location: PHO 714
Associated faculty: Swan, Ünlü

BSAIL develops optical, electrical, and computational methods to study biological problems. We develop sensing and imaging devices that emphasize label-free, high throughput data collection on extremely small quantities of biomaterials. Applications include disease and biohazard detection, drug discovery and equipment development. Ongoing projects include the Resonant Cavity Imaging Biosensor which applies hyperspectral IR imaging of transmissive and reflective resonant optical cavities for DNA and protein measurements; the Fabricator – a mask-free optical synthesizer for bio-arrays (the “Fabricator” project) used in RCIB and other biochip systems, and self-interference microscopy. Our group is interdisciplinary, with engineers, phyicists, chemists and biologists, and encourages undergraduate researchers in REU or UROP.