Research Brochures

Faculty and students in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering conduct a wide range of research and collaborate across a number of different disciplines. Using the links below, view brochures of some of our particularly active research areas that are shaping and changing the way we live.


Security & Defense Technology:
Airport screenings
Securing the smartphone
Detecting weapons of mass destruction
Cyber attack prevention
Mobile robots
Noninvasive medical imaging



Healthcare Technology:
Pathogen detection
Synthetic biology
Pain-free inoculation
Improving lung disease treatment
Cancer detection
Improved heart monitoring



Intelligent Systems:
UAV flight control
Video surveillance
Smart parking
Immersive, intelligent indoor spaces
Secure smartphones
Reliable information updates
Noninvasive heart scans
Automated homeland security



Clean Energy & Sustainability:
Improved white-light LEDs
Green manufacturing
Low-power, adaptive lighting
Energy-efficient gas turbines
Intelligent electronic power grid
Ocean wave energy



Nanoscale optical sensing
Lab-on-a-chip platform
Finding disease biomarkers
Nano-precision drug delivery
Carbon nanotube optics
Faster genome sequencing
Higher-order mode (HOM) fibers
Integrated circuit fault isolation