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The Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering boasts a broad range of research that spans the diverse interests of our well-funded faculty and their interdisciplinary collaborations. This culture of collaboration is one of the major strengths of the department, facilitating integrative research based on interactions between investigators in different disciplines.

Interdisciplinary research is one of the hallmarks of the Boston University experience. ECE faculty work with their students in conducting cross-cutting research in such areas as photonic materials, nanoscale structures, biotechnology, medical imaging, communications, computer security, embedded systems and space physics. Several of Boston University’s research centers offer homes for collaboration among faculty from diverse fields. A number of faculty from other departments hold affiliate appointments in ECE and are engaged in collaborative research with our faculty and graduate students.

Research activities in ECE are broadly classified into three main areas:

Each area has distinct, faculty-centered groups. These groups tend to overlap, and interaction across disciplines is encouraged and happens often. We invite you to browse the research areas above and also to learn about recent research projects featured in our research spotlight archive.

Recent ECE Research News: