Robert Kotiuga

Robert KotiugaAssociate Professor
PhD, McGill, 1985

Functorial Electromagnetics

(617) 353-4151
office: PHO 523
office hours: contact for appointment

Honors, Awards, and Editorships

  • Member, Electromagnetics Academy
  • 2007 Dean’s Catalyst Award

Classes Taught

  • EK102 Linear Algebra
  • EK131/132 Introduction to Engineering
  • EK307 Electric Circuit Theory
  • EK501 Mathematical Methods I: Linear Algebra and Complex Analysis
  • EK514 Computational Methods for Continuum Problems
  • EC333
  • EC402 Control Systems
  • EC410 Introduction to Electronics
  • EC453
  • EC454
  • EC455 Electromagnetic Systems I
  • EC456 Electromagnetic Systems II
  • EC500 Special Topics in Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • EC505 Stochastic Processes
  • EC565 Electromagnetic Energy Transmission
  • EC700 Advanced Special Topics

Research Interests

  • Electromagnetic
  • Numerical methods for three-dimensional vector field problems
  • Whitney forms and the Finite Element Method
  • Micromagnetics; nanoscale magnetics
  • Geometric inverse problems; force-free magnetic fields
  • Topological aspects of magnetic scalar potentials
  • Helicity Functionals
  • Analysis of high-performance interconnects


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