Robert Brown

Robert BrownProfessor and President
PhD, University of Minnesota, 1979

Office of the President

(617) 353-2200
office: John and Kathryn Silber Administrative Center, 8th Floor
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Research Interests

  • Mathematical modeling of the fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer and interfacial phenomena associated with materials processing; especially, melt crystal growth, polymer processing and coating deposition.
  • Fluid mechanics of viscoelastic fluids. Analysis and numerical simulation of flow instabilities.
  • Prediction and characterization of microscopic changes in interface morphology during directional solidification. Experimental measurement of microscale morphologies in melt/solid interfaces during solidification.
  • Efficient numerical solutions of transport problems, especially by finite element methods.
  • Modeling the dynamics of defects in crystalline semiconductors grown from the melt and in semiconductor processing.