ECE Lectures Archive – 2010

ECE Distinguished Lectures

Susie WeeFebruary 24

Susie Wee, Chief Technology Officer, Hewlett Packard

“Experiences, Devices, Services, and the Cloud”

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Tsuhan ChenMarch 24

Tsuhan Chen, Cornell University

“Beyond Face Recognition: Understanding Images of People Using Social Context”

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Dougles StoneApril 21

Douglas Stone, Yale University

“What is a Laser Anyway? Do We Really Understand Them After Fifty Years of Trying?”

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Shih-Fu ChangSeptember 29

Shih-Fu Chang, Columbia University

“Visual Search: State of the Art and Open Issues”

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Mark Horowitz, Stanford UniversityOctober 20

Mark A. Horowitz, Stanford University

“Encapsulating Designer Knowledge: Improving Digital and Mixed Signal Design”

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Khalil NajafiNovember 10

Khalil Najafi, University of Michigan

“Biomedical Wireless Integrated Microsystems (BioWIMS)”

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ECE Colloquia

  • 3/3 Alexander M. Wyglinski, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
    “Cognitive Radio: Enabling Agility in Modern Wireless Communication Systems”
  • 4/7 Venu Veeravalli, Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    “Understanding and Managing Interference in Wireless Networks”
  • 5/19 Leon Chua, Electrical Engineering, UC Berkeley
    “Memristor: Past, Present, and Future”
  • 9/15 Sheila Hemami, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Cornell University
    “Talk-Based Imaging – Quantifying Image Usefulness and Its Relationship to Image Quality”
  • 10/13 Stefano Soatto, Computer Science, University of California, Los Angeles
    “Shannon Meets Gibson: Actionable Information and the Link Between Vision and Control”
  • 10/27 Robert M. Gray, Electrical Engineering, Stanford University
    “Simulation and Source Coding” || lock Lecture slides
  • 11/17 Fatih Porikli, Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory, Cambridge, Mass.
    “Learning on Manifolds”
  • 12/1 Iris Bahar, Brown University
    “Online Error Detection Using Invariant Relationships”

ECE Seminars

  • 2/1 Douglas Densmore, Synthetic Biology Engineering Research Center, UC Berkeley
    “Platform-Based Design: From Cruise Control to Cancer Killer”
  • 2/3 Alex Sherman, Computer Science, Columbia University
    “Improving Performance in P2P File-Sharing and Streaming Systems Through Fairness”
  • 2/17 Walter R. Buchwald, Air Force Research Laboratory, Hanscom AFB
    “Active and Passive Plasmonic Components for Advanced Sensing and Photonic Applications”
  • 2/26 Junshan Zhang, School of ECEE, Arizona State University
    “Fundamental Tradeoffs between Probing and Channel-Aware Scheduling in Future Wireless Networks”
  • 3/4 Ivan Celanovic, Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    “Towards efficient solid state energy conversion”
  • 3/15 Sam Hasinoff, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    “Rich Photography on a Budget”
  • 3/19 Lorenzo Pavesi, Nanoscience Laboratory, Department of Physics, University of Trento, Italy
    “Nanosilicon Photonics”
  • 3/22 Xiaotong Zhuang, T.J. Watson Research Center, IBM
    “Code Optimizations in the Heterogeneous Multicore Era”
  • 3/23 Vinod Prabhakaran, Coordinated Science Laboratory, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    “Information Theory in the Crowd: Interference and Privacy”
  • 3/25 Bobak Nazer, Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Wisconsin, Madison
    “Harnessing Interference for Reliable Computation and Communication”
  • 3/26 Damian Schimpf, Institute of Applied Physics, Friedrich Schiller University of Jena, Germany
    “Recent developments in femtosecond fiber lasers: Opening up new directions in science and technology”
  • 3/29 Satish Korada, Electrical Engineering, Stanford University, “Polar Codes: A New Paradigm for Coding”
  • 4/1 Paolo Minero, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of California at San Diego
    “Large wireless networks: fundamental limits and design issues”
  • 4/5 Andreas Savvides, Electrical Engineering, Yale University
    “Estimating Consumption Breakdowns through Binary Sensing of ON/OFF States”
  • 4/8 Sewoong Oh, Electrical Engineering, Stanford University
    “Matrix completion: Learning matrices from incomplete data”
  • 4/15 David Choffnes, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Northwestern University
    “Crowdsourcing Network Event Monitoring”
  • 4/22 J. Nicholas Laneman, Electrical Engineering, University of Notre Dame
    “Sequence Detection Algorithms for Spectrum Sensing in Wireless Networks with Dynamic Spectrum Access”
  • 4/26 Lee E. Goldstein, Biomedical Engineering & School of Medicine, Boston University,
    “Laser-Based Molecular Diagnostic Technology for Early Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease”
  • 4/28 John P. Kaufhold, Technology and Advanced Systems Business, SAIC
    “Automated neuroanatomical microvessel segmentation, vectorization, nuclei labeling, and geometric computations with 3D two photon laser scanning microscopy”
  • 5/5 Luca Dal Negro, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Boston University
    “Engineering Aperiodic Order In Nanophotonics Past Present and Future Opportunities”
  • 5/18 David Atienza, Embedded Systems Laboratory, EPFL, Switzerland
    “Thermal Modeling and Active Cooling Management for 3D MPSoCs”
  • 5/20 Markus A. Schmidt, Max Planck Institute, University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany
    “From Plasmonics to Supercontinuum Generation – Nanoscale Devices Based on Hybrid Photonic Crystal”
  • 7/16 Vasily Astratov, University of North Carolina, Charlotte
    “Fundamentals and Applications of Microsphere Resonator Arrays”
  • 8/2 Yaron Bromberg, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
    “Quantum Inspired Imaging With Compressive Sensing”
  • 8/10 Martin Moskovits, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of California, Santa Barbara
    “Transforming SERS Into a Reliable, Ultra-Sensitive Analysis Tool”
  • 10/29 Shahraam Afshar, University of Adelaide
    “The World is More Non Linear Than We Think! Nonlinear Processes in High Index Subwavelength Fibers: (Revising Fundamentals, Materials and Fabrications, and Applications)
  • 11/11 Jacob Chakareski, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL)
    “Towards the Convergent Networks of the Future – Social Media Computing Inc.”
  • 11/18 Ramji Venkataramanan, Yale University
    “Interactive Codes for Synchronization”
  • 11/29 Koray Aydin, California Institute of Technology
    “Extending the Photonics Toolbox with Plasmonic Super Absorbers and Active Optical Metamaterials”
  • 12/8 Sherief Reda, Brown University
    “Addressing the Thermal and Power Challenges of Tera-Scale Computing”
  • 12/8 Stanley H. Chan, University of California, San Diego
    “Challenges in Processing 3D Videos” || lock Lecture slides