ECE Lectures Archive – 2008

ECE Colloquia

  • 9/22 Vincent Harris, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Northeastern University
    “Advances in Microwave Ferrites: A New Twist on Old Materials”
  • 11/6 Jelena Kovacevic, Center for Bioimage Informatics, Carnegie Mellon University
    “Problems in Biological Imaging: Opportunities for Signal Processing”
  • 12/15 Marvin Minsky, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    “Missteps toward Artificial Intelligence”

ECE Seminars

  • 9/10 Marcella Chiari, Institute of Chemistry of Molecular Recognition, National Research Council, Italy
    “Integration of Materials and Functions in Microfluidic Devices”
  • 9/15 Roberto Paiella, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Boston University
    “Novel Semiconductor Quantum Structures for Intersubband Device Applications: from Ultrafast All-Optical Switching to Terahertz Light Emission”
  • 10/6 Ertem Tuncel, Electrical Engineering, University of California Riverside
    “When Channel Does the Binning: A Joint Source-Channel Coding Approach for Broadcast Channels”
  • 10/9 Elizabeth Dobisz, San Jose Research Center, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies
    “Nanofabrication for Patterned Magnetic Media”
  • 10/9 Richard Tiberio, Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology, Stanford University
    “Electron Beam Lithography for Integrated Optics”
  • 10/20 Ajay Joshi, Integrated Systems Group, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    “Building Many-Core Logic-to-Memory Networks Using Monolithic Silicon Photonics”
  • 11/4 Russell Tessier, Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Massachusetts Amherst
    “Memory Security Management for Embedded Systems”
  • 11/12 Keigo Hirakawa, Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University
    “Enhancing Image Fidelity through Spatio-Spectral Design for Color Image Acquisition, Reconstruction, and Display”
  • 11/17 Richard Soref, Sensors Directorate, U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory
    “Silicon-based Longwave Integrated Optoelectronics”
  • 11/17 Vahid Tarokh, Electrical Engineering, Harvard University
    “Capacity Bounds and Signaling Schemes for Bi-Directional Coded Cooperation Protocols”
  • 11/24 Katherine Compton, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Wisconsin
    “System-Level Support for Reconfigurable Computing”
  • 12/3 Gyula Eres, Materials Science and Technology Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    “Growth Related Kinetic Effects in Vertically Aligned Nanotube Array Properties”
  • 12/4 Jacob Khurgin, Electrical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University
    “Linear and Nonlinear Optical Devices Based on Slow Light Propagation: Figures of Merit”
  • 12/8 Siddharth Ramachandran, OFS Laboratories
    “Non-Zero-Order Light: Beams That Can Do What a Gaussian Cannot”
  • 12/10 Saul Youssef, Center for Computational Science, Boston University
    “Simple Cyberinfrastructure”