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This is an archive of this year’s ECE Distinguished Lectures, Colloquia and Seminars. You may visit prior years’ archives by following the year-specific links in the right sidebar. Please note that lecture materials are only available to members of BU community.

ECE Distinguished Lectures Series, 2015

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LoparoNewMarch 4

Kenneth Loparo, Nord Professor of Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Case Western Reserve University
“Stability, Control and Estimation in Cyber-Physical Systems: Challenges, Opportunities and Future Decisions.” Talk Abstract & Speaker Bio || News Story || Presentation Slides


Luke Lester, Department Head of Electrical and Computer EngineeringMarch 18, 2015

Luke. F. Lester, The Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Virginia Tech “Quantum Dot Laser Diodes and Mode-Locking.” Talk Abstract & Speaker Bio



LachNew3April 1, 2015

John Lach, Charles L. Brown Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Virginia “Body Sensor Networks: An Application-Centric Approach.”      Talk Abstract & Speaker Bio || Presentation Slides



September 30, 2015

Daniel Fleetwood, Chair, Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Olin H. Landreth Professor of Engineering, Vanderbilt University “Moore’s Law and Radiation Effects on Microelectronics.” Talk Abstract & Speaker Bio || Presentation Slides


October 14, 2015

Kevin Skadron, Chair, Department of Computer Science, Harry Douglas Forsyth Professor, University of Virginia “Automata Processing: Massively-Parallel Acceleration for Approximate Pattern Matching.” Talk Abstract & Speaker Bio || Presentation Slides


December 2, 2015

Ralph Etienne-Cummings, Chair, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Johns Hopkins University “I, Robot: Blurring the lines between Mind, Body and Robotics.” Talk Abstract & Speaker Bio || Presentation Slides


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ECE Colloquia

  • 4/15/2015 Nibir K. Dhar, Night Vision Electronic Sensors Directorate, “Imaging Technology: What is on the Horizon?”
    Talk Abstract & Speaker Bio
  • 8/21/2015 Shlomo Shamai, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, “Fronthaul Compression for Cloud Radio Access Networks: An Information Theoretic View” Talk Abstract & Speaker Bio

ECE Seminars

  • 1/26/2015 Palash Bharadwaj, Photonics Laboratory at ETH Zurich, “Antenna-coupled photons from single emitters and single electrons” Talk Abstract & Speaker Bio
  • 1/29/2015 Dr. Ehsan Elhamifar, University of California, Berkeley, “Sparse Modeling for High-Dimensional Multi-Manifold Data Analysis” Talk Abstract & Speaker Bio
  • 2/5/2015 Dr. Xingjie Ni, University of California, Berkeley, “Metasurfaces for Planar Photonics and Spin Optoelectronics” Talk Abstract & Speaker Bio
  • 2/6/2015 Shlomi Arnon, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, “Optical Wireless Communications For Next-Generation Data Centers” Talk Abstract & Speaker Bio
  • 2/12/2015 Ghada Koleilat, Stanford University, “Solution Processed Quantum-Tuned Photovoltaics” Talk Abstract & Speaker Bio
  • 2/26/2015 Dr. Artur Davoyan, University of Pennsylvania, “New States of Light within a Nanophotonic Platform” Talk Abstract & Speaker Bio
  • 3/5/2015 Dr. Ivan Grudinin, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, “Quantum and Nonlinear Photonics with Microresonators” Talk Abstract & Speaker Bio
  • 3/17/2015 Prof. Brian Kulis, Ohio State University, “Small-Variance Asymptotics for Large-Scale Learning” Talk Abstract & Speaker Bio
  • 3/19/2015 Robert M. Farrell, University of California, Santa Barbara, “III-Nitride Materials for Sustainable Energy and Environmental Health Applications” Talk Abstract & Speaker Bio
  • 3/23/2015 Pranjal Awasthi, Princeton University, “Data Aware Models and Algorithms for Machine Learning” Talk Abstract & Speaker Bio
  • 3/24/2015 Prineha Narang, California Institute of Technology, “Functional Materials for Optoelectronic Devices and Nanophotonic Phenomena” Talk Abstract & Speaker Bio
  • 4/8/2015 Professor Mark Horenstein, Boston University, “The Contribution of Surface Potential to Diverse Problems in Electrostatics” Talk Abstract & Speaker Bio
  • 4/24/2015 Dongning Guo, Northwestern University, “Toward a Many-User Information Theory” Talk Abstract & Speaker Bio
  • 4/28/2015 Ajay Joshi, Boston University, “Designing Energy-efficient Reliable and Secure Systems: From Emerging Devices to Bio-inspired Architectures” Talk Abstract & Speaker Bio
  • 5/5/2015 Navakanta Bhat, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, India, “CMOS Compatible Nanostrcutured Gas Sensors” Talk Abstract & Speaker Bio
  • 5/7/2015 Joshua C. H. Lui, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “Unconventional Photoconductivity in 2D Materials Revealed by Terahertz Spectroscopy” Talk Abstract & Speaker Bio
  • 5/8/2015 Matthieu Bloch, Georgia Institute of Technology, “Covert Communication over Noisy Channels: A Resolvability Perspective” Talk Abstract & Speaker Bio
  • 5/14/15 Jonathan Klamkin, Boston University, Integrated Photonics: From On-Chip Interconnects to Mars Communications” Talk Abstract & Speaker Bio
  • 5/22/15 Sudeep Kamath, Princeton University, “Learning Distributions from their Samples” Talk Abstract & Speaker Bio
  • 6/17/15 Jean Armstrong, Monash University, “OFDM and MIMO for Optical and Wireless Communications” Talk Abstract & Speaker Bio
  • 7/8/15 Or Ordentlich, Tel Aviv University, “Minimum MS. E. Gerber’s Lemma” Talk Abstract & Speaker Bio
  • 9/11/15 Ashwin Ashok, Carnegie Mellon University, “Reliable Screen-to-Camera Communication through Visual MIMO” Talk Abstract & Speaker Bio
  • 10/14/15 Yuval Kochman, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, “Finite-Blocklength Lossy Compression of Infinite Sequences” Talk Abstract & Speaker Bio
  • 10/26/15 Markus Pollnau, KTH-Royal Institute of Technology, “Highly efficient amplifiers and lasers in Yb- and Tm-activated potassium double tungstate waveguides” Talk Abstract & Speaker Bio
  • 11/6/15 Viveck Cadambe, Pennsylvania State University, “An Information Theoretic Perspective of Consistent Distributed Storage”
  • 11/19/15 Shawn Y. Lin, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, “Recent Advances in 3D Optical Photonic-Crystal: Light Manipulation and Amplification” Talk Abstract & Speaker Bio
  • 12/1/15 Rodrigo Noriega, University of California, Berkeley, “Effects of Molecular Environment on the Photophysics of Fluorophores in Biomimetic Light Harvesters and in Organic Light-Emitting Diodes” Talk Abstract & Speaker Bio
  • 12/3/15 Shuchin Aeron, Tufts University, “Learning with Algebraically Structured Subspaces” Talk Abstract & Speaker Bio
  • 12/8/15 Ling Lu, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “Topological Photonic Crystals” Talk Abstract & Speaker Bio