Late Entry Accelerated Program (LEAP)

The Late Entry Accelerated Program (LEAP) allows individuals holding a bachelor’s degree in the liberal arts, science, education, business, or other professional field to earn a master’s degree in Electrical or Computer Engineering.

LEAP began in 1982 under National Science Foundation funding with the goal of encouraging more women to enter engineering. LEAP now accepts both men and women and is funded by Boston University. After an individual assessment of previous education and career goals, a LEAP student takes a program of undergraduate preparatory engineering courses, usually lasting two or three semesters. LEAP students then proceed to take graduate courses toward a master’s degree.

LEAP students have been some of our most motivated and successful students. While the program is intended for master’s degree students aspiring to enter the engineering job market, some LEAP students continue on to PhD studies.

LEAP Program Planning Sheet

For more information, please visit the College of Engineering LEAP website.