Spring 2014 Graduate Courses

Below are listed all graduate courses currently offered by ECE@BU during the Spring 2014 semester. For course details, see the corresponding syllabus. Official university course descriptions are available via the course search tool. For older course syllabi, visit our syllabus archive.

Course Number
Title Spring 2014 Syllabus Instructor
EC504 A1 Advanced Data Structures Website Trachtenberg
EC505 A1 Stochastic Processes Ishwar
EC512 A1 Enterprise Client-Server Software Systems Design Skinner
EC514 A1 Simulation Vakili
EC516 A1 Digital Signal Processing Goyal
EC517 A1 Introduction to Information Theory Nazer
EC527 A1 High Performance Programming with Multicore and GPUs PDF Herbordt
EC541 A1 Computer Communications and Networks PDF Starobinski
EC543 A1 Sustainable Power Systems: Planning, Operation and Markets Caramanis
EC551 A1 Advanced Digital Design with Verilog and FPGA Densmore
EC560 A1 Introduction to Photonics PDF Klamkin
EC571 A1 Digital VLSI Circuit Design Hubbard
EC573 A1 Solar Energy Systems PDF Mazumder
EC573 DL Solar Energy Systems PDF Mazumder
EC575 A1 Semiconductor Devices Bellotti
EC582 A1 RF/Analog IC Design Fundamentals PDF Knepper
EC583 A1 Power Electronics for Energy Systems PDF Horenstein
EC700 A1 Advanced Topics in Electrical and Computer Engineering Coskun
EC700 B1 Advanced Topics in Electrical and Computer Engineering Schwartz
EC710 A1 Dynamic Programming and Stochastic Control Caramanis
EC717 A1 Image Reconstruction and Restoration PDF Karl
EC720 A1 Digital Video Processing PDF Konrad
EC724 A1 Advanced Optimization Theory and Methods Paschalidis
EC730 A1 Information-Theoretical Design of Algorithms Levitin
EC745 A1 Nanomedicine Cabodi
EC765 A1 Introduction to Biomedical Optics and Biophotonics Gioux
EC772 A1 VLSI Graduate Design Project Hubbard
EC774 A1 Semiconductor Quantum Structures and Photonic Devices PDF Paiella
EC777 A1 Nanostructure Optics PDF Dal Negro