Fall 2012 Graduate Courses

Below are listed all graduate courses currently offered by ECE@BU during the Fall 2012 semester. For course details, see the corresponding syllabus. Official university course descriptions are available via the course search tool. For older course syllabi, visit our syllabus archive.


Course Title Fall 2012 Syllabus Instructor
EC501 Dynamic Systems Theory Website Ballieul
EC505 Stochastic Processes PDF Saligrama
EC513 Computer Architecture PDF Herbordt
EC516 Digital Signal Processing PDF Nawab
EC519 Speech Signal Processing PDF Ghitza
EC520 Digital Image Processing and Communication PDF Konrad
EC521 Cybersecurity PDF Trachtenberg
EC524 Optimization Theory and Methods PDF Paschalidis
EC533 Intro Discrete Math Levitin
EC544 Networking in the Physical World PDF Little
EC551 Advanced Digital Design with Verilog and FPGA PDF Densmore
EC560 Introduction to Photonics PDF Sergienko
EC568 Optical Fibers and Waveguides PDF Ramachandran
EC571 Digital VLSI Circuit Design PDF Hubbard
EC574 Physics and Semiconductor Materials PDF Bellotti
EC577 Electrical, Optical And Magnetics Properties of Materials PDF Moustakas
EC578 Fabrication Technology for Integrated Circuits PDF Kleptsyn
EC580 Analog VLSI Circuit Design PDF Knepper
EC591 A1 Special Topics Lab PDF Paiella
EC591 A2 Special Topics Lab PDF Paiella
EC719 Statistical Pattern Recognition Ishwar
EC728 Design and Testing for Distributed Software: Intensive Systems
EC771 Physics of Compound Semiconductor Devices Bellotti
EC773 Advanced Optical Microscopy and Biological Imaging Mertz
EC782 RF/Analog IC Design Advanced Applications PDF Knepper