Fall 2009 Graduate Course Syllabi

Course Title Fall 2009
EK501 Mathematical Methods I: Linear Algebra and Complex Analysis PDF
EK502 Mathematical Methods II: Differential Equations & Numberical Algorithms
EK514 Computational Methods for Continuum Problems
EK521 Parallel Computation for Engineering
EC500 Special Topics in Electrical and Computer Engineering
EC501/ME501 State Space Control
EC504 Advanced Date Structures
EC505 Stochastic Processes PDF
EC511 Software Systems Design
EC512 Enterprise Client-Server Software Systems Design PDF
EC513 Computer Architecture PDF
EC514/ME514 Simulation PDF
EC515 Digital Communication PDF
EC516 Digital Signal Processing PDF
EC517 Introduction of Information Theory PDF
EC518 Software Project Management PDF
EC520 Digital Image Processing and Communication PDF
EC524/ME524 Optimization Theory and Methods PDF
EC533 Advanced Discrete Mathematics
EC534 Discrete Stochastic Models PDF
EC535 Introduction to Embedded Systems PDF
EC541 Computer Communication Networks PDF
EC543 Sustainable Power Systems: Planning, Operation and Markets
EC544/ME544 Networking the Physical World PDF
EC551 Advanced Digital Design with Verilog and FPGA PDF
EC560 Introduction to Photonics
EC561 Error-Control Codes PDF
EC563 Fiber-Optic Communication Systems
EC565 Electromagnetic Energy Transmission
EC566 The Atmosphere and Space Environment PDF
EC568 Optical Fiber Sensors
EC569 Introduction to Subsurface Imaging
EC570 Lasers PDF
EC571 VLSI Principles and Applications PDF
EC572 VLSI Design Project
EC573 Solar Energy Systems
EC574 Physics and Semiconductor Materials PDF
EC575 Semiconductor Devices PDF
EC577 Electronic Optical and Magnetic Properties of Materials
EC578 Fabrication Technology for Integrated Circuits PDF
EC579/ME579 Microelectronic Device manufacturing PDF
EC580 Modern Active Circuit Design PDF
EC582 RF/Analog IC Design Fundamentals PDF
EC591 Photonics Lab I PDF
EC599 Advanced Laboratory Topics in ECE
EC700 Advanced Topics in Electrical and Computer Engineering
EC701/ME764 Optimal and Robust Control
EC702 Recursive Estimation and Optimal Filtering
EC707 Radar Remote Sensing
EC708/ME708 Advanced Process Control
EC710/ME710 Dynamic Programming and Stochastic Control
EC712 Advanced Software for Computer Engineers
EC713 Parallel Computer Architecture
EC715 Wireless Communications
EC716 Advanced Digital Signal Processing
EC717 Image Reconstruction and Restoration
EC719 Statistical Pattern Recognition
EC720 Digital Video Processing
EC724/ME724 Advanced Optimization Theory and Methods
EC725/ME725 Queueing Systems
EC726 Personal Knowledge Engineering
EC727 Advanced Coding Theory
EC728 Design and Testing for Distributed Software: Intensive Systems
EC730 Information-Theoretical Design of Algorithms
EC731 Applied Plasma Physics
EC733/ME733 Discrete Event and Hybrid Systems
EC734 Hybrid Systems
EC740/BE740 Parameter Estimation and System Identification
EC741 Randomized Network Algorithms
EC744 Mobile Ad Hoc Networking and Computing
EC749 Interconnection Networks for Mulicomputers
EC751 Design of Asynchronous Circuit and Systems
EC752 Theory of Computer Hardware Testing
EC753 Fault-Tolerant Computing
EC755 Communication Networks Control
EC757 Advanced Microprocessor Design
EC760 Advanced Topics in Photonics
EC761 Information Theory and Coding
EC762 Quantum Optics
EC763 Nonlinear and Ultrafast Optics
EC764 Optical Measurement
EC765/BE765 Biomedical Optics and Biophotonics
EC770 Guided-wave Optoelectronics
EC771 Physics of Compound Semiconductor Devices
EC772 VLSI Graduate Design Project
EC773 Advanced Optical Microscopy and Biological Imaging
EC774 Semiconductor Quantum Structures and Phonotic Devices
EC775 VLSI Devices and Device Models
EC777 Nano-Optics
EC782 RF/Analog IC Design Advanced Applications
EC850 Graduate Teaching Seminar
EC891 Seminar: Computer Systems Engineering
EC892 Seminar: Electro-Physics
EC893 Seminar: Signals and Systems
EC900 Research
EC901 Thesis
EC910 Computer Engineering Design Project
EC911 Systems Design Project
EC913 Electrical Engineering Design Project
EC914 Project in Photonics
EC915 Computer Systems Engineering Team Project
EC951 Independent Study
EC991 Dissertation