Grants listed on this site are eitherĀ active grants or grants that ended within the past year.

Title Sponsor Principal Investigat Project Start Date Project To Date
Collaborative Research: New Zealand as a Natural Laboratory to Investigate Earthquake Stress Variation NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION ABERCROMBIE RACHEL 09/01/2011 08/31/2015
Detection of Historical and Future Precipitation Variations and Extremes Over the Continental United States DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY ANDERSON BRUCE 09/15/2011 09/14/2015
Collaborative Research: Building Forest Management into Earth System Modeling: Scaling From Stand to Continent NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION DIETZE MICHAEL 06/01/2013 05/31/2016
Dissertation Research: Linking Tree Demography and Nonstructural Carbon in Eastern US Forests NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION DIETZE MICHAEL 07/01/2015 06/30/2016
Collaborative Research: Climate Change Impacts on Forest Biodiversity: Individual Risk to Subcontinental Impacts NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION DIETZE MICHAEL 08/01/2012 01/31/2017
Assimilation of Imagine Spectroscopy Data to Improve the Representation of Vegetation Dynamics in Ecosystem Models STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK AT STONY BR DIETZE MICHAEL 05/01/2014 04/30/2017
Collaborative Research and NEON: MSB Category 2: PaIEON – A PaleoEcological Observatory Network to Assess Terrestrial Ecosystem Models NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION DIETZE MICHAEL 09/01/2013 08/31/2018
Evolution of Mouth Bars and Salt Marshes in Deltas: Implications for Sedimentary Deposits and Stratigraphy AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY PETROLEUM RESE FAGHERAZZI SERGIO 09/01/2011 08/31/2015
Long-term Nonlinear Dynamics of a Coastal Barrier System UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA FAGHERAZZI SERGIO 12/01/2012 11/30/2015
Impact of Hurricane Sandy on the Salt Marshes of Chincoteague Bay, Virginia, and Barnegat Bay, New Jersey DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR/U.S. GEOLOGIC FAGHERAZZI SERGIO 03/26/2014 03/25/2016
Feedbacks Between Vegetation Cover, Hydrodynamics, and Sediment Transport in Tidally Dominated Tropical Deltas: A Remote Sensing Approach DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE/ONR FAGHERAZZI SERGIO 01/01/2014 12/31/2016
Collaborative Research: Ecosystem Evolution and Sustainability of Nutrient Enriched Coastal Saltmarshes NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION FAGHERAZZI SERGIO 03/01/2014 02/28/2017
Collaborative Research: Biophysical Alteration of Wetland Geomorphology in Response to Rising Sea Level NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION FITZGERALD M DUNCAN 09/15/2011 08/31/2015
Hydrodynamic and Sediment Transport Modeling Leading to Restoration, Better Management, and Improved Sustainability of Great Marsh MERRIMACK VALLEY PLANNING COMMISSION FITZGERALD M DUNCAN 04/01/2015 12/31/2015
4-D Modeling of the Regional Carbon Cycle In and Around Urban Environments: An Interdisciplinary Study to Advance Observational and Modeling Foundations NASA FRIEDL A MARK 09/01/2012 08/31/2015
Collaborative Research: WSC – Category 3: Crops, climate, canals, and the cryosphere in Asia – changing water resources around the Earth’s third pole NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION FRIEDL A MARK 10/01/2010 09/30/2015
Collaborative Research: Continental-Scale Monitoring, Modeling, and Forecasting of Phenological Responses to Climate Change NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION FRIEDL A MARK 05/15/2011 04/30/2016
Final Maintenance and Refinement of the MODIS Land Cover Product NASA FRIEDL A MARK 05/28/2014 05/27/2016
Using Three Decades of Landsat Data to Characterize Changes and Vulnerability of Temperate and Boreal Forest Phenology to Climate Change NASA FRIEDL A MARK 01/16/2014 01/15/2017
Incorporating a New Urban Dataset from SeaWinds into a Multi-Sensor Analysis of Global Daytime and Nighttime Urban Heat Islands UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE FRIEDL A MARK 06/01/2014 05/31/2017
Development and Validation of a Global Land Surface Phenology Product from NPP VIIRS for EOS-MODIS Continuity SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY FRIEDL A MARK 11/04/2014 10/13/2017
The Effects of Precipitation Intensification on Salt Marsh UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON FULWEILER W ROBINSON 06/01/2013 05/15/2015
EarthCube Building Blocks: A Broker Framework for Next Generation Geoscience (BCube) J&F ENTERPRISE FULWEILER W ROBINSON 09/15/2013 08/31/2015
Sentinels of Change – Are Salt Marshes in LIS Keeping Pace with Sea Level Rise? NEW ENGLAND INTERSTATE WATER POLLUTION C FULWEILER W ROBINSON 11/14/2013 12/15/2015
Examining Significant Changes to the Nitrogen Cycle in Waquoit Bay WOODS HOLE OCEANOGRAPHIC INSTITUTION FULWEILER W ROBINSON 02/01/2014 01/31/2016
N Cycling Processes Across an Oyster Aquaculture Chronosequence UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND FULWEILER W ROBINSON 02/01/2014 01/31/2016
Sloan Fellowship – Ocean N Cycle ALFRED P. SLOAN FOUNDATION FULWEILER W ROBINSON 09/15/2012 09/15/2016
Collaborative Research: Development of an In Situ Porewater Sampler Coupled to an Underwater Mass Spectrometer for High-Resolution Biogenic Gas Measurements in Permeable Sediments NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION FULWEILER W ROBINSON 09/01/2014 08/31/2017
Geodynamic Modeling of Plume Capture and Release by a migrating Mid-Ocean Ridge NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION HALL S PAUL 09/15/2011 08/31/2015
Collaborative Research: Water and Carbon Dynamics in Tropical Peat Lands – Comparison of a Forested Peat Dome with a Deforested Peat Dome in Borneo NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION HUTYRA LUCY 09/01/2011 08/31/2015
Linking CO2 Emissions to Deforestation and Forest Degradation over Tropical Peat Swamps Forests in Northwestern Borneo during 1992 – 2014 [Fellowship for Nguyen] THE SOCIETY OF WOMAN GEOGRAPHERS HUTYRA LUCY 07/01/2014 08/31/2015
Prototype Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification System for the Regional Scale: The Boston-DC Corridor ATMOSPHERIC AND ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH, HUTYRA LUCY 09/27/2013 09/26/2015
CAREER: Assessing Urban Influences on Ecosystem Processes NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION HUTYRA LUCY 02/01/2012 01/31/2017
Quantifying Carbon Signatures Across Urban-to-Rural Gradients: Advancing the Capacity for Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification through Observation, Models, and Remote Sensing DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE/NOAA HUTYRA LUCY 08/01/2014 07/31/2017
Validation and Application of OCO-2 data in the Northeastern United States NASA HUTYRA LUCY 04/01/2015 03/31/2018
Integrating and Expanding a Regional Carbon Monitoring System into the NASA CMS NASA KENNEDY ROBERT 08/16/2012 06/30/2015
Integrated, Observation-Based Carbon Monitoring for Wooded Lands of Washington, Oregon, and California DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE KENNEDY ROBERT 07/01/2012 04/30/2016
Look-Up-Table Based Approach for the Estimation of Global Leaf Area Index and Fraction of Absorbed PAR from MISR Data JET PROPULSION LABORATORY KNJAZIHHIN JURI 05/27/2014 03/31/2016
Earth System Data Records of Global Vegetation Index, Fraction of Absorbed PAR, Leaf Area and its Sunlit Fraction from DSCOVR Data NASA KNJAZIHHIN JURI 11/10/2014 11/09/2017
Collaborative Research: IODP Expedition 329 Objective Research on Supply of H2 by Water Radiolysis in Subseafloor Sediment of the South Pacific Gyre NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION KURTZ ANDREW 08/15/2011 07/31/2015
Calcium Isotopic Response to Disturbance at Hubbard Brook: Acidification, Deforestation, and Recovery NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION KURTZ ANDREW 09/15/2013 08/31/2016
Collaborative Research: Reconstructing Interactions Between the East Asian Monsoon and Westerly Jet at Multiple Timescales via the Flux & Provenance Eolian and Fluvial Supply NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION KURTZ ANDREW 09/01/2014 08/31/2017
Collaborative Research: Integrating Geomorphological Studies to Reconstruct Neogene Environments of the Transantarctic Mountains NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION MARCHANT R DAVID 07/15/2008 06/30/2015
Geomorphic Investigations of Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION MARCHANT R DAVID 08/01/2011 07/31/2015
Multi-Nuclide Approach to Systematically Evaluate the Scatter in Surface Exposure Aegs in Antarctica and to Develop Consistent Alpine Glacier Chronology NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION MARCHANT R DAVID 09/01/2011 08/31/2015
Collaborative Research: West Antarctic Ice Sheet Stability, Apline Glaciation, and Climate Variability NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION MARCHANT R DAVID 09/15/2013 08/31/2016
Seeding a Cultural Change in Inquiry-based Learning that Places Early, Consistent, and Simultaneous Emphasis on Research, Outreach, and Science Education in Undergraduate Curricula HOWARD HUGHES MEDICAL INSTITUTE MARCHANT R DAVID 09/01/2014 08/31/2019
Refinement, Evaluation, and Application of Allometric Scaling and Resource Limitations Model of Forest Canopy Height and Biomass Through Synergistic Optimization with Spaceborne and Airborne Lidar Wave NASA MYNENI B RANGA 09/01/2013 08/31/2016
Global LAI-FPAR Earth System Data Records from Suomi VIIRS to Extend the EOS MODIS Time Series NASA MYNENI B RANGA 09/01/2014 08/31/2017
Maintenance and Evaluation of Collection 6 Terra and Aqua MODIS LAI/FPAR Products NASA MYNENI B RANGA 06/01/2014 05/31/2018
Support for SilvaCarbon (IPA for Olofsson) DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR/U.S. GEOLOGIC OLOFSSON PONTUS JOHA 12/10/2012 11/30/2015
A Prototype MRV System for a Subregion in Columbia Compliant with IPCC Approach 3 for Securing Activity Data DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE/FOREST SERVICE OLOFSSON PONTUS JOHA 08/05/2014 12/31/2017
A New Approach for Validating Satellite Estimates of Soil Moisture NASA SALVUCCI D GUIDO 05/19/2012 08/15/2015
An Exploration of Multi Decadal, Continental-Scale Evapotranspirational Inferred from Weather Data NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION SALVUCCI D GUIDO 03/01/2015 02/28/2018
CNH-Ex: Shifting Land Use and Forest Conservation: Understanding the Coupling of Social and Ecological Processes Along Urban-to-Rural Gradients NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION SHORT G. ANNE 09/01/2012 02/29/2016
Research in Integrated Assessment: Inter-Model Comparison, Development, Testing, and Diagnostics PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY SUE WING J IAN 08/01/2010 07/31/2015
What are Sustainable Climate-Risk Management Strategies? PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY SUE WING J IAN 10/01/2012 07/31/2017
Synthesis of Studies on Institutional Change and LCLUC Effects on Carbon, Biodiversity, and Agriculture after the Collapse of the Soviet Union UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN WOODCOCK E CURTIS 07/01/2012 06/30/2015
Support for SilvaCarbon (IPA for Woodcock) DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR/U.S. GEOLOGIC WOODCOCK E CURTIS 04/01/2014 09/30/2015
Better Use of the Landsat Temporal Domain: Monitoring Land Cover Type, Condition and Change DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR/U.S. GEOLOGIC WOODCOCK E CURTIS 10/05/2012 10/04/2015
Enhancing Compatibility of Sentinel 2 and Landsat products for improved monitoring of the Earth System NASA WOODCOCK E CURTIS 01/21/2011 01/20/2016
Towards a Robust REDD+ Carbon Monitoring System of Deforestation and Forest Degradation WOODS HOLE OCEANOGRAPHIC INSTITUTION WOODCOCK E CURTIS 08/09/2013 08/08/2016
Near Real-Time Monitoring of Land Cover Disturbance by Fusion of MODIS and Landsat Data NASA WOODCOCK E CURTIS 05/28/2014 05/27/2017
Creating Synthetic Landsat Data for the Carbon Monitoring System (CMS) DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE/FOREST SERVICE WOODCOCK E CURTIS 07/11/2014 06/30/2017