Biogeosciences, Climate & Surface Processes

Interactions between the atmosphere, the ocean, and the biosphere generate and maintain the conditions at the Earth’s surface that make it suitable for life. These processes can be strongly influenced by anthropogenic forces, and research into how they respond to human influences is an important focus of our work. This is particularly important in light of ongoing climate change, the loss of biological diversity, and other environmental challenges.

Faculty with Related Research

  • Bruce Andersonglobal and regional climate variability and change
  • Michael Dietzzplant ecosystem and community dynamics across scales from the individual to the globez
  • Sergio Fagherazzi – coastal geomorphology, surface processes and hydrology
  • Cédric Fichotmarine optics, remote sensing, coastal and estuarine biogeochemistry, photochemistry, water quality
  • Duncan M. FitzGerald – coastal geomorphology, barrier islands, tidal inlets
  • Mark Friedl land surface climatology, global land cover dynamics, and remote sensing
  • Robinson W. Fulweiler – marine biogeochemistry and ecology
  • Jeffrey Geddes – atmospheric chemistry, air quality, and remote sensing
  • Lucy Hutyra – carbon cycle, urbanization, terrestrial ecology
  • Robert Kaufmann – global climate change, world oil markets, and land-use changes
  • Andrew C. Kurtz – low-temperature geochemistry, Earth history
  • David R. Marchant – climate evolution, geomorphology, climate and glacial history of Antarctica and Mars
  • Richard W. Murray – marine biogeochemistry, geochemical paleoceanography
  • Ranga Myneni – vegetation remote sensing with satellite data and climate-vegetation interactions
  • Nathan Phillips – vegetation remote sensing with satellite data and climate-vegetation interactions
  • Guido Salvuccihydrology, hydroclimatology, and remote sensing
  • Ian Sue Wing – endogenous technological change in climate policy models
  • Curtis Woodcock remote sensing: monitoring forest change and its implication on terrestrial carbon budgets; validation of terrestrial remote sensing products