Sucharita Gopal Publications

Publications on this site range from 2012 to present.
*Denotes Student


Chan, D. V. Gopal, S., and Helfrich, C. 2014. Accessibility patterns and community integration among previously homeless adults: A Geographic Information Systems (GIS) approach. Social Science & Medicine, 120: 142-152. doi: 0.1016/j.socscimed.2014.09.005

Chan, D.V., Helfrich, C.A., Hursh, N.C., Rogers, E. S., and Gopal, S. (2014). Measuring community integration using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and participatory mapping for people who were once homeless. Health and Place. 27. 92-101.

Mann, M.L.*, R.K. KaufmannD.M. BauerS. Gopal, M. Nomack, J. Womack, K. Sullivan, and B.S. Filho.  2014.  Pasture conversion and competitive land rents in the Amazon.  Ecological Economics 97:182-190.


Kaufmann, RK, S. Gopal, X. Tang, S. M. Raciti, PE Lyons, N. Geron, and F. Craig. 2013. Revisiting the weather effect on energy consumption; implications for the impact of climate change, Energy Policy, Volume 62, November 2013, Pages 1377–1384.

Irit Altman, Roel Boumans, Joe Roman, Suchi Gopal, and Les Kaufman. 2013. An Ecosystem Accounting Framework for Marine Ecosystem-Based Management in Michael J. Fogarty (Editor), James J. McCarthy (Editor), The Sea, Volume 16: Marine Ecosystem-Based Management (The Sea: Ideas and Observations on Progress in the Study of the Seas) [Hardcover], Harvard University Press.


Sucharita Gopal, (2012). “Global synthesis of Searchlight reports using knowledge discovery and visualization”, Foresight, Vol. 14 Iss: 6, pp.468 – 488.      

Gopal, S. and Najam, A. (2012). Connecting the Dots: Information Visualization and Text Analysis of the Searchlight Project Newsletters. Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future, February 2012 (36 pages). ISBN: 978-1-936727-05-6. 

Michael Mann & Robert Kaufmann & Dana Bauer & Sucharita Gopal & James Baldwin & Maria Del Carmen Vera-Diaz, 2012. “Ecosystem Service Value and Agricultural Conversion in the Amazon: Implications for Policy Intervention,” Environmental & Resource Economics, European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, vol. 53(2), pages 279-295, October.